What does state of emergency mean?

Okay so I was watching the news and they declared North Carolina and other states, a state of emergency from hurricane sandy and I was just wondering what exactly does that mean because I live in nc and I'm a little scared

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  • 8 years ago
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    A President, Governor or Mayor has the authority to declare a state of emergency within his/her area of jurisdiction.

    In a State of Emergency, the government may suspend certain normal government functions, alert the citizens with emergency instructions, and/or order emergency preparedness plans.

    In the USA, most states of emergency are related to extreme bad weather or disastrous earthquakes. but it could be used also in times of civil unrest [e.g. riots] or attack on the nation.

    They may call out the National Guard, shut down offices that are not vital, order evacuations, send rescue and relief crews, or anything else they think necessary. Practically all the government's efforts in the area will be focused on dealing with the emergency.

  • What the government will tell you is that a declared state of emergency will free up federal funds to assist disaster victims. But what it REALLY means is if they catch you out driving around on the roads during this state of emergency, they can confiscate your vehicle. Government is NEVER on your side, and don't think for a moment it is.

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