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Did people take the movie "V for Vendetta" too literally?

Seriously, the group "Anonymous" quotes that movie all the time. It's like they took a good movie too literally.

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    Its easy to see where people could watch the movie and go...'Meh ! " . Producer Silver turned V into some mask mumbling super hero. V is not a super hero. He is a stoned to the bone terrorist of the first order....for that is what it took to dismantle Norsefire...forever. Want to know what the hoopla is all about...pick up the graphic novel by Alan Moore and David LLoyd. Read it. You will see then why so many people worldwide were affected by the message of V for Vendetta...and just how applicable that message is for our times.

    I read the comic book when it first came out...at what was the lowest point in my life....and it was a life altering experience for me. Literally. If after reading the graphic novel...you still don't 'get it'...no biggy. Its not for everyone.

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