Question about the religion Buddhism? Please help.?

What are the key moral or ethical teachings contained in the tradition?

Are there any reliable internet sources that might help me with this religion?

Thank You!

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    If you want to reduce Buddhist morals to a sentence it would be Do not harm, if you must do harm do the least amount of harm possible to yourself and to other sentient beings (includes animals). The following are the Buddhist precepts. The first five are kept by all Buddhists, lay and minister the others are for more devoted followers. There are many, many more rules for monks and nuns.

    I undertake to observe the precept to abstain from ...

    ...harming living beings.

    ...taking things not freely given.

    ...sexual misconduct.

    ...false speech.

    ...intoxicating drinks and drugs causing heedlessness.

    (monks and nuns -- devoted lay persons)

    ...taking untimely meals.

    ...dancing, singing, music and watching grotesque mime.

    ...use of garlands, perfumes and personal adornment.

    ...use of high seats.

    ...accepting gold or silver.

    (adapted from The Word of the Buddha, Niyamatolika, The Buddhist Publication Society, 1971, p xii)

    The point of this is to limit our suffering in this world by working on the attachments that we feel. There are two major schools of thought in Buddhism Theravadan, and Mahayana. 6-10 here are more likely to be followed in Theravadan schools (older) where as Mahayana has differing opinions on what is expected of monks and nuns... and says that lay persons can also achieve enlightenment.

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