Can Shooter McGavin beat Obama on foreign policy after already keeping us safe?

Obama has already shown the American people he has what it takes to listen to the troops on the ground. Bush said Bin Ladan was just one guy in hiding, tell that to the troops and 911 families.

Romney backers:

Goldman Sachs $994,139

Bank of America $921,839

Morgan Stanley $827,255

JPMorgan Chase & Co $792,147

Credit Suisse Group $618,941

Wells Fargo $598,379

Deloitte LLP $554,552

Kirkland & Ellis $496,722

Citigroup Inc $465,063

Barclays $428,250

PricewaterhouseCoopers $421,085

UBS AG $400,390

HIG Capital $385,500

Blackstone Group $360,225

Ernst & Young $293,067

EMC Corp $288,440

General Electric $287,495

Elliott Management $281,925

Bain Capital $279,220

Rothman Institute $263,700


Obama backers:

University of California $1,079,526

Microsoft Corp $761,343

Google Inc $737,055

US Government $614,665

Harvard University $602,992

Kaiser Permanente $532,674

Stanford University $473,372

Deloitte LLP $430,084

Columbia University $411,894

Time Warner $408,512

DLA Piper $393,102

Sidley Austin LLP $377,133

University of Chicago $325,256

Comcast Corp $320,366

IBM Corp $318,645

US Dept of State $308,926

University of Michigan $308,410

Wells Fargo $288,804

Apple Inc $270,856

US Dept of Defense $270,519

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    Why do those that are dependent on Government Grants and Government sponsored Student loans that allow them to hike up tuition rates on the people who would be otherwise unwilling to pay be so heavily in favor of the Marxist Democrat? Could it be that they are in favor of insane deficit federal spending so they can line their own pockets?

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Hear abort the hush-up of the Gen Ham firing (broke yesterday)? He had a DELTA team ready to go to the Benghazi defense - was relieved of command - on the spot.... and the mission was cancelled! And then people died!

    Another Ohioan voting for Mitt!

    Source(s): Reality - Awareness of!
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  • 7 years ago

    why aren't you asking why the US DEPT OF STATE AND THE US DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE ARE using tax payer money to support obama

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