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What would you name 10 kids?

Using these names, what would you name 10 children? These names are the top 100 most popular names from 1929 to 2011 in Victoria, Australia. Please don't change spellings. Sorry that there are so many names :P

1. BOY

First name [1-10] - John, Peter, David, Michael, Robert, James, Andrew, Matthew, Christopher, Paul

Middle name [91-100] - Jamie, Ethan, Jonathan, Garry, Martin, Leigh, Shaun, Maxwell, Noel, Oliver


First name [1-10] - Margaret, Jennifer, Sarah, Jessica, Elizabeth, Susan, Michelle, Helen, Patricia, Julie

Middle name [91-100] - Hayley, Alison, Kerry, Diane, Ella, Ann, Denise, Natasha, Pauline, Erin

3. BOY

First name [11-20] - Daniel, William, Mark, Anthony, Thomas, Stephen, Ian, Benjamin, Nicholas, Joshua

Middle name [81-90] - Ross, Stuart, Jeffrey, Charles, Sean, Douglas, Leslie, Ashley, Joel, Francis


First name [11-20] - Rebecca, Lisa, Emily, Christine, Karen, Mary, Judtih, Nicole, Emma, Melissa

Middle name [81-90] - Valerie, Claire, Donna, Sally, Carolyn, Isabella, Louise, Zoe, Charlotte, Melanie

5. BOY

First name [21-30] - Jason, Steven, Timothy, Luke, Adam, Kevin, Brian, Richard, Gregory, Ronald

Middle name [71-80] - Phillip, Jake, Philip, Russell, Mitchell, Dylan, Jordan, Jacob, Keith, Allan


First name [21-30] - Catherine, Barbara, Sandra, Amanda, Lynette, Maria, Wendy, Samantha, Stephanie, Robyn

Middle name [71-80] - Sophie, Jane, Katherine, Alexandra, Janice, Tracey, Grace, Kelley, Andrea, Maureen

7. BOY

First name [31-40] - Geoffrey, Jack, Kenneth, Raymond, Alan, Scott, Nathan, Craig, Gary, Lachlan

Middle name [61-70] - Liam, Edward, Adrian, Bruce, Trevor, Neil, Glenn, Graham, Donald, Brendan


First name [31-40] - Pamela, Heather, Sharon, Anne, Joanne, Lauren, Joan, Olivia, Linda, Amy

Middle name [61-70] - Danielle, Kim, Cheryl, Belinda, Janet, Hannah, Deborah, Kathryn, Megan, Carol

9. BOY

First name [41-50] - Graeme, Shane, Darren, Alexander, Samuel, Simon, Wayne, Ryan, George, Colin

Middle name [51-60] - Bradley, Barry, Patrick, Aaron, Rodney, Brett, Dean, Cameron, Joseph, Justin

10. GIRL

First name [41-50] - Chloe, Natalie, Kathleen, Laura, Kate, Leanne, Fiona, Angela, Shirley, Suzanne

Middle name [51-60] - Kylie, Lorraine, Rachel, Anna, Jacqueline, Debra, Beverley, Dianne, Georgia, Dorothy

Hope you like it! Star for more :)


Sorry about the random thumbs-downing half the answers :/

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    1. BOY - Robert Leigh

    2. GIRL - Patricia Erin

    3. BOY - Nicholas Leslie - Leslie Nicholas sounds better!

    4. GIRL - Judith Carolyn

    5. BOY - Ronald Dylan

    6. GIRL - Barbra Tracey

    7. BOY - Geoffrey Graham

    8. GIRL - Sharon Belinda

    9. BOY - Simon Bradley

    10. GIRL - Suzanne Beverley


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  • Robin
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    7 years ago

    Robert Jamie

    Elizabeth Hayley

    Benjamin Sean

    Emma Valerie

    Brian Dylan

    Maria Sophie

    Jack Liam

    Lauren Danielle

    Darren Patrick

    Chloe Rachel

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  • 7 years ago

    John Oliver

    Elizabeth Kerry

    Nicholas Sean

    Emma Isabella

    Timothy Phillip

    Robyn Mauree

    Scott Graham

    Anne Kathryn

    Alexander Patrick

    Fiona Jacqueline

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  • Zydeco
    Lv 5
    7 years ago

    1. James Oliver

    2. Julie Alison

    3. William Charles

    4. Mary Carolyn

    5. Jason Dylan

    6. Maria Alexandra

    7. Jack Adrian

    8. Anne Danielle

    9. Alexander Cameron

    10. Kate Beverley

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  • 1. John Ethan

    2. Margaret Natasha

    3. Nicholas Joel

    4. Emma Claire

    5. Adam Philip

    6. Stephanie Maureen

    7. Lachlan Trevor

    8. Lauren Danielle

    9. Darren Patrick

    10. Fiona Kylie

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  • Megara
    Lv 5
    7 years ago

    Christopher Noel

    Sarah Erin

    William Stuart

    Rebecca Zoe

    Adam Mitchell

    Samantha Jane

    Jack Edward

    Amy Hannah

    Ryan Dean

    Chloe Jacqueline

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  • 7 years ago

    Andrew Oliver

    Jessica Hayley

    Ian Jeffrey

    Emma Claire

    Luke Dylan

    Samantha Grace

    Nathan Liam

    Olivia Megan

    Alexander Brett

    Fiona Jacqueline

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    David Oliver

    Elizabeth Erin

    Anthony Charles

    Lisa Charlotte

    Steven Mitchell

    Catherine Tracey

    Nathan Edward

    Linda Danielle

    George Cameron

    Kathleen Anna

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  • cvhs
    Lv 4
    7 years ago

    Matthew Noel

    Michelle Diane

    Daniel Sean

    Rebecca Claire

    Kevin Mitchell

    Samantha Sophie

    Lachlan Trevor

    Heather Megan

    Ryan Bradley

    Chloe Lorraine

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  • 7 years ago

    Christopher Maxwell

    Julie Alison

    Benjamin Ross

    Emma Carolyn

    Luke Dylan

    Catherine Grace

    Jack Brendan

    Olivia Megan

    Samuel Aaron

    Laura Kylie

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  • 7 years ago

    Andrew Oliver

    Julie Alison

    Thomas Ross

    Melissa Claire

    Adam Jacob

    Stephanie Jane

    Nathan Liam

    Lauren Danielle

    Ryan Joseph

    Chloe Jacqueline

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