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I live in Phoenix Arizona and want a dog that looks like a wolf.?

The heat is to much for a Husky so i want to find a dog that is like a Husky but can handle the heat. The dog will be inside for most of the part unless he needs to go to the bathroom or for a walk. THANK YOU!

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    I live in Phoenix, Arizona and own wolves and wolf hybrids. They prefer to be outdoors. I used to bring them in until they broke out of steel kennels and tore through a steel door to get outside. Over $1800 worth of damage? Yeah, now I just buy a few kiddie pools for $20 each. They're happy as clams and get in when they need to cool off. They are left out all summer and I've never had one suffer from or die from heat stroke.

    As long as they have shade, plenty of clean water (kept in the shade so it stays as cool as possible) and have some water to get into (the pool must be large enough for them to lie down in), dogs will be fine. Of course that's not including short nose breeds (Bulldogs, boxers etc...), delicate breeds, hairless breeds (yes, they'll get sunburned badly) or dogs unused to the heat. You can't take a dog that's been indoors in 75F all summer long and throw them out into 115F heat. They don't know what to do if they get hot, what to do to stay cool and will panic which raises their body temperature and makes them pant more, dehydrating them faster. A dog unused to the heat can die in 15 minutes.

    If you want a dog that LOOKS like a wolf, get a Husky, German Shepard or Malamute. If you want a dog with wolf bred back IN it, like a wolf-dog hybrid, email me. We need to talk before you take that plunge.


    Source(s): Wolf and wolf-dog owner x25 years + wolf biologist
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  • Isabel
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    Same could be said for this kind of dog - any heavy-haired dog would have a harder time with the heat. All the dogs that look like wolf would be a heavier-haired breed. Have a look at these links for info - other folks in Arizona have asked similar questions



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  • K9
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    7 years ago

    The good old German Shepherd

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  • Check your local shelters. You can also look on the link provided


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