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I live in Phoenix Arizona and was wondering if a Husky would do ok in the weather.?

He would be inside unless he needed to go outside for a walk or go to the bathroom. I just want to know if the heat would be hard on his health. THANK YOU!

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    I live in Phoenix, Arizona and own wolves and wolf hybrids, some mixed with Malamute. A neighbor has two huskies. They all prefer to be outdoors. I used to bring mine in until they broke out of steel kennels and tore through a steel door to get outside. Over $1800 worth of damage? Yeah, now I just buy a few kiddie pools for $20 each. They're happy as clams and get in when they need to cool off. My neighbor has a pool and his just jump in for a quick swim when they're hot. They're left out all summer and I've never had one of mine (or has his) suffer from or die from heat stroke.

    As long as they have shade, plenty of clean water (kept in the shade so it stays as cool as possible) and have some water to get into (the pool must be large enough for them to lie down in), dogs will be fine. Of course that's not including short nose breeds (Bulldogs, boxers etc...), delicate breeds, hairless breeds (yes, they'll get sunburned badly) or dogs unused to the heat. You can't take a dog that's been indoors in 75F all summer long and throw them out into 115F heat. They don't know what to do if they get hot, what to do to stay cool and will panic which raises their body temperature and makes them pant more, dehydrating them faster. A dog unused to the heat can die in 15 minutes.

    Every winter they'll grow a thick undercoat and as soon as it starts to get warm they'll "blow" their undercoat. They'll loose the insulating undercoat in big clumps. My backyard looks like it's snowed when mine do.

    If yours will only be outside during potty breaks, you have nothing to worry about.


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  • Isabel
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    Oh, he'd have quite a challenge. The hair will provide some insulation from heat as well as cold but he needs to have a cool or air-conditioned room to be able to go to, as well as maybe a little wading pool outside and plenty of water. I would not leave the dog outside, it gets so hot there I'd be afraid it would be too much. They are how they are for a reason, they are suited for cold climates, that's their purpose in life. Keep in mind too that the dog loses it's coat a couple times a year - and the hair issue woud be severe in the case of the heat in Phoenix. You would have to sweep or vacuum daily, and the hair would look like a coating of carpet. We had one in Southern California but the house faced north and kept cooler, and we had a full-size pool in the yard with a covered patio, so even when the temps got to 100 the dog could find cool and shade.

    With Phoenix temperatures going over 100 degrees for more than 100 days each year - one-third of the year your dog would be dealing with horrendous heat. And, with temperature over 70 for much of the rest of the year, well, I wouldn't do it to the animal. Your climate is almost equal to Saudi Arabia.

    Oh, and by the way, some people seem to think shaving the husky would be beneficial - it's dangerous to their health http://www.sibrescue.com/tip-shave.html

    Read this other person's response to the same type of question - it is quite informative and detailed


  • Mollie
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    To be really honest, I think the heat is too much, they're coat is specifically thick and long so they can deal with harsh winters and lots of ice and snow, they are not meant to adapt to heat like Arizona. I think you should look for a short haired dog. The temperatures that Arizona reaches in the summer is hard on a short haired dog let alone a dog with a thick winter coat. It wouldn't be fair on the dog. It would be at constant risk of over heating, heart failure and heart attacks. It's not fair to put a dog through that.

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    I think it could be very hard on the dog, It isn't reccomended to dogs with such thick coats they can dehydrate quickly and die from heat stroke so I wouldn't get one, there are other lovely breeds that would do much better in that climate, just imagine wearing a big thick coat in arizona everyday even if you are inside it would still be tough,sorry but it would definately have negative effects on its health so I would say no, hope I helped! but like I said look at other breeds with shorter coats because they would be much healthier and easier to care for (:

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  • Sam
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    8 years ago

    I live in Canada with an Alaskan Malamute and he has a hard time handling the 28 degree weather in the summer.

    What's the temp range in your area?

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    my Siberian Husky's cost is tough on him for Summers in Illinois. he might be okay but my dog will lay on the tile floor and constantly eats ice cubes to stay cool. you might want to consider a short hair dog, or shaving off the Siberian's hair.

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