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Alaskan Malamute won't eat.?

I have a 5 year old alaskan malamute, perfectly healthy loveable dog. I recently bought her some new treats, one to clean her teeth and freshen her breath ( pedigree breathe busters ) and some ol' roy multi flavored bisquits. I feed her science diet every day. She ate this morning, threw up outside, but seems ok. Now she won't eat at all, she had no lunch or supper, seems a little less energetic but wags her tail. Could the new treats be tainted or making her sick? anyone else had a problem with those brands? any advice what to do?

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    Raw meat shouldn't be a just right thing for puppies to have that in most cases, if the meat has now not been checked or just isn't handled it would have worms in it. Be careful what you feed your dog. Alaskan malamutes have plenty of vigour, one good thing to do to get a canine to consume, is to undertaking it first, so that it is worn out. Endeavor, calm down, drink, eat. Dogs wish to activity, then you probably have a hose or a pool let him soar in the water to chill off (and even let him relaxation unless he is cooled down, considering the fact that malamutes are very thick-covered puppies it is going to take as much as 5-10 minutes), then let him consume. Recreation is traditionally the first-rate concept, repeatedly dogs just have got to burn off somewhat of vigour earlier than eating :)

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    Some treats can upset dogs stomachs. It is most likely not the treat brand.

    I would let her only have water for today than tomorrow attempt to coax her into eating some white rice (Steamed, it can help ease the digestive system). If she is still refusing to eat and her actions become any more lethargic bring her immediately to a vet or emergency clinic.

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    None of the brands you are using are very good, but Pedigree and Ol'Roy are especially bad.

    Do not feed her anything for 24 hours. Then feed her half a normal serving of the Science Diet food she is used to eating. If she eats and has normal poop, she is probably fine. If she refuses to eat or has diarrhea, call your vet for advice.

  • 8 years ago

    If your dog is refusing to eat she needs to be seen by a vet.

    When she recovers please put her on a better quality diet. Ol Roy is cheap and nasty and Pedigree is not premium quality either. There are many premium quality dog food and treats available. If you go for the cheapest you can expect poor quality ingredients.

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  • She needs a vet. Refusal to eat is the most common symptom that owners see in a sick dog.

    Everything that she's getting is very low quality and I've heard all kinds of horror stories about those breath treats - like blockages and punctured GI tracts.

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    Ol' Roy is a very, erm, 'cheap' brand. Best to keep cheap treats made with God knows what meat out of her diet. Give her some time, let her outside and she might eat some grass. It will pass, I promise.

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    First protocol is stop new treats if it continues then its the vets.

    My experience with my wolf dog compared with the collies i have she eats far less and only eats when she needs!!!

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    Bring her to vet vet right away.

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    Call your vet!

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