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Michael asked in SportsWrestling · 9 years ago

If i want to join wwe what would be good ring name my name is mike( only positive answers please)?

4 Answers

  • 9 years ago
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    The Miz

    The Mic

    The Mike

    Mike The Butcher

    Michael Kelso


    Mick McFinnigan

    Captain Mikey

    Mickey Roxx

    Mic Jay

    Mike Jones

    MJ Gates

    Mike Pegasus

    Prine Michael

    Michael Elgin

    Super Mike

    Master Mike

    Spectacular Mike

    Magic Mike

    Mystic Mike

    Michael Knight

    Mike The Destroyer

    Mike Hopkins

    Mike Harper

    The Great Mike

    Mike Jagger

    Mike Steen

    Michael Corleone

    Michael K. Smith

    Great Mambo

    Ron Depp

    Cameron Poe

    Joe Alpha

    Ace Skinhart

    Fergie Knight

    Chris Daggons

    Edmond Christo

    Dante Sammartino

    Steve Willis

    Bull Ledger

    Jack Hardy

    The Spike

    The Black Scorpion

    Pegasus Kid III

    Tiger Mask IX ( I've lost count)

    Anthony Marcus

    Dave Dimaggo

    Kacey Kreamer

    Tony Tuner

    The Dream


    Logan Wells

    Chase Young

    Benjamin Jackson

    Jay Cee Carter

    Max Payne

    Gerry Truman

    Jack Anderson

    Vic Michaels

    Mark Callous ( Go ahead its not my real name anyway its Anthony Isaiah Steen and I plan on using my real name Tony Steen.)

    Source(s): Your Future WWE Champion.
  • PRP
    Lv 6
    9 years ago

    Dick Ryder.

    Now hear me out, I'm not trolling. You could team with Zack Ryder. Your gimmick could be a SUPER heterosexual guy who's insecure about his name. You could have segments trying to change your name, only for it to always be interrupted. Sure, it would be a joke character(at first) but it would get you noticed.

    Here would be an example of a Dick Ryder promo...

    DickRyder: Hi my name is Dick Ryder

    -Crowd starts laughing-

    DickRyder: That's not funny! I have feelings too! Stop being so cruel! All of you are hypocrites, you say tell others not to judge, and you don't like to be judges, but you all come out here and judge me just because of my name!!!!..... Etc.

  • RRC
    Lv 5
    9 years ago

    Austin Lonewolf. The name of a tough guy

  • 9 years ago

    Michael Kirk

    Mike Stand

    Mike Underwood

    Michael Gray

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