What position can a skinny guy play in high school football?

Ok so I'm a sophomore in high school and my friends and I were thinking of joining our football team for our junior year. I'm pretty skinny and I'm about 5'7 I weigh somewhere between 112-120 pounds. I started weight lifting back in February and I've improved because when I started I could only lift 15 pound dumbells and now I could lift 25 pound and 30 pound dumbells ( is that good?) I also couldn't bench press before but now I bench press 20 pounds on each side (is that good?). I was just wondering if I join what position you think I would be more suitable to play. I currently go to the gym so any tips on what I should work on before I try out? (I've got untill summer of next year to try out) Also I've never played a sport before and don't know much about football, so what position would you think I'm more likely to play?

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  • 7 years ago
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    This is the education section. I think you should re-ask this in the sports section.

  • 7 years ago

    kicker, safety (defense), receiver you have to be quick and need to put on weight

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