Lexmark X2580 Printer problem?

I have a Lexmark X2590 and when I plug it in, the power button will turn green and then shortly after the button that says that you need to insert paper (top one) and the 2 bottom lights that indicate the color and black ink stay a solid orange. After that I cannot even turn off the printer without pulling out the plug and it is like it is frozen. How do i fix it? It also doesn't connect to my computer anymore (it uses a usb connector but my computer no longer detects it. It's not my computer because everything else still works)

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  • Chirag
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    7 years ago
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    i think the page insert erore is cause to the jamed page puller.( at top of your printer where u put pages).

    Just swich off and remove plug from wall socket as a precaution, then just out paper from the top tray then insert your fingers and try to move the parts to check if something jamed due to dust.

    I have the same problem when printer page inserter jam.

    Hope i helped.


    If dont resolve message me chiragiam20@yahoo.in

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