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Do they check your calculator before taking the SAT?

I'm taking the SAT soon, and I need to know if the people who give the SAT check your calculator for programs. I know that the people who give the ACT don't check for calculator programs. I have a program on my calculator that solves some problems quickly.

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    you wont have to clear the memory

    specifics are below

    but seriously, theres nothing on there you need more than a dollar store calc for

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    No, they don't check it but there are people constantly walking around and they can sneak up behind you. If they suspect something dishonest, they have every right to go through your calculator and if they catch you using that program they may cancel your SAT scores and you won't get a refund for that test day.

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    When I did it the test administrator just looked around at everyone to see if they had an "approved calculator"

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    I don't think they checked mine, that was a couple years ago though, just put what you need in there, if they're gonna check it, they're gonna make you clear out the memory, so it can't hurt to put it in.

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