How do i deal life when i am not appreciated and loved.People laugh at my looks and say im ugly?

I am an 18 year old girl ,studying at the university of johannesburg.I have lived my whole life years with tears,no one in my life had ever told me i am beautiful and they love me, even my own family, they'll tell my cousins how nice they are in front of me and tell me how ugly i am.No one appreciate me and show atleast care because I did'nt ask to be in this image,people laugh when i pass by and people i regarded as friends would mock me.I dont even know the feeling fo being hugged and loved especially after my grandmother died,as she showed me love, upon all the family mockery,she tried to show me, she appreciated me.Now i am afraid because the way i see it I would never be married/loved.Everyday when I wake up my wish and dreams are to be successful so that I can go and live where no-one lives, where I can be alone and enjoy and celebrate my creation.I need help because sometimes I get in this moment where I wish to get the opportunity to commit suicide, but it does'nt come at that moment.I really beg for your help in any way where I can enjoy life like my peers.Thank you i would really appreciate any help I can get.

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    Learn to live in solitude as I have. It is really not so bad.

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    My best advice would be to get therapy, there's no shame in it.

    Also, you cannot change the world around you, nor can you change your past, the only thing you can do is change your future and yourself. Decide that you are going to be happy no matter how you think you look, and no matter what anyone else thinks or says about you. You are going to be happy no matter HOW your family has treated you and you are going to be STRONGER than the people who have had none of these problems.

    Soon that false-confidence will become true confidence, and it will shine through to the outside. It takes nothing to be confident when you're beautiful, thin, with a good family and a boyfriend, when nothing bad has ever happened to you. It takes TRUE strength to be happy despite the fact that you DON'T have those things. The fact of the matter is that every person alive has the power within themselves to be truly confident, even in our darkest times.

    I know that all sounds like optimistic BS that came straight from a self-help book, but truth is it came straight from my heart, straight from my past experiences. Rome wasn't build in a day, but give it time and I promise as long as you put the effort in you will be happier.

    Source(s): My own experiances, plus some understanding of psychology
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    large one, chum!!! loved it! Hmm... a short record: a million. Backpack if you're wearing stuff. perhaps one will be adequate for all of you. what percentage each and every body is going besides? 2. trekking boots or a respectable pair of events footwear, with thick ish yet delicate soles (i.e. no longer talk footwear). footwear are ok, yet after a lengthy time period I promise your feet will harm. 3. Water bottle. make positive that's finished. 4. Map of the position (duh). do not favor to wander off in there. Or something to mark the way you got here, like string or maybe with. more suitable save on the secure area. 5. Flashlight. 6. Sweatshirt. even even as that's warmth outdoors, it ought to get incredibly chilly in caves. 7. something to provide energy. i have heard that bats can contagiate particular ailments, so perhaps you should adhere to juice and stuff like that to stay on the secure area. Or grab some granola bars or path blend... as a lot as you, chum. good success, and performance an exceedingly good time!

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    I'm really sorry for what you been through... my sympathy goes out to you.

    There is someone always in worse position than you. People just deal with it differently. We didn't get to choose who we are born as, it's all genetics. The life you have, is what you make of it. You can be confident and grateful and amazing as you choose to be... you can have that. You can be anything you want. You are not who you are by your APPEARANCE. You know appearance alone is never what attracts people... it's someone's personality, aura, humour, good heart etc. Attributes are often what makes someone stand out or be beautiful. You'd be surprised that alot of guys aren't shallow... alot of guys would accept a girl even if she isn't all that in looks if he likes/loves her as a person.

    None of us on this earth is perfect. There is a lot of insecurities each of us have... everyone is just good at hiding it and obviously we're not gonna talk about it every minute of our days. We put on a face, but inside we aren't so happy. We are give 1 body in this life, whether we liked it or not.. and we're gonna have it for the rest of our life on this earth. Why not just accept it and try make the best of it?

    Get a new makeover, new hairstyle, new hair color, new clothes! Anything to make you feel good about yourself. Wash your face everyday with face cleanser! Always smell nice. Smile and be happy.

    I've seen many people who are not the best in looks, but they are carefree and happy.. and those are the people i admire and envy too... because i don't have that "carefreeness" even though i am attractive... so i appear actually quite ugly because of my drab aura. Do you understand?

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  • Some family. You ar beautiful in your own way, and someone will come along and fall in love with you. Just be patient, and remember, suicide should never be an option.

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    look around you ....... your not the only one dealing with this situation , other people have even worse situations. so just be grateful for what u have . trust me , there will be someone to tell you they love you and your beautiful... because to me , everyones beautiful in their own way., its okaay:) its not the end of the world .. trust me

    Source(s): i just pray to allah that i have a roof on top of mt head :) and who knows .. religion just may be thing your looking for :) allahuakbar
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    Hi i know its not easy getting a guy to like you being shy doesnt help much if thats apart of the problem then you need to work on that I use to be extremely shy with everyone but one day I just said fu ck it who cares what other people think of me people are going to be people some are going to be a asshole or bi tch not everyone is like that anyone who disrespects you because of your looks is not your friend sometimes its the people you dont expect to be nice to you that are the most understanding and caring no matter how hard you try doing things for others if they dont want to be with you they wont even if you change from a bad person to a good person but that doesnt mean to give up you have keep trying even if more than 1000 people said no to you dont ever think your alone your not worth anything to someone you are worth something you just have to find them for now at least you have your family if youever need someone to you can talk to me imgoing to light candle for you godbless

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