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Have you ever been discriminated because of your gender?

State your gender.

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    Female, mid 50s, and yes. In my first high school, I was forced to take some classes and not allowed to take other classes because I was a girl. For instance, I had to take home ec instead of a second year of science.

    I had an employer refuse to hire me because he wanted someone to work the graveyard shift, and he didn't want to hire females for that shift. I had other employers who didn't promote females into certain positions.

    When I was young and looking for a job, it was common practice for the help wanted ads to be separated into two sections: "Help Wanted: Male" and "Help Wanted: Female". And this was legal back then.

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    Yes. At school in year 7 at lunch me and my mate would walk to the eating area and take the short way. A female teacher warned us not to take that way. We did anyway and got detention. These 2 girls in the same class as us took the exact same shortcut and the teacher (the teacher was a woman, remember) did NOT warn them or give them detention, in fact she happily had brief conversations with them.

    In my HPE class in high school, the girls would almost always slack off, or if they do play sports, leave most of the work to the guys or sit out of a game and join in or quit whenever they want. Teacher didnt give a damn while the guys could only sit out if they were injured or sick in some way.

    Im male BTW

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    Not necessarily, I mean, my parents do not give me as much freedom as my brothers because I'm a girl and that can suck. "Discrimination" is quite dramatic for my circumstances. So I guess I'd have to give that a "No."

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    Yeah, once. Having to sign up for the selective services back when I was that age counts. But that's it. Male.

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    Yes. We had a teacher (at high school) who hated girls and he always made sure he could insult us. Im female of course.

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    yes, I'm a girl... one time a teacher asked me to carry some books into another classroom that I could easily carry myself and they made this boy come with me 'in case I can't handle them'

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    A few times but mainly because I am blonde and I was a model. In Australia you only need to be blonde or have big boobs and it is very difficult getting a job because some sexist pricks think we are airheads and they don't think they have to take us seriously.

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    Yeah like applying @ victoria secret. I wanna help ladies pick-out their bra & panty.

    The Dude.

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