True or false: You have that one person in your class everyone hates?

There is this girl in my class who no one likes. They say she is annoying, a liar and ugly.

They call her "dinosaur" and "Avatar."

All the girls want to fight her, and mostly all the girls told her they didn't like her. Today, she asked them why they didn't like her. She stayed in the bathroom all day and ran when girls came out of the gym.

I don't get into stuff and I get along with almost everyone.. I don't see why that is so difficult.

BQ- Are you an unliked person?

BQ- Describe your crush(es)?

BQ- What do you do on a Friday night?


Oh and she always provoke people..She always go and mess with the boys, making them angry, and screaming when no one helps her. -__-

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    If it's not normally me (it was freshman year - I've learned to roll with the punches since then and people respected me for that), it's one of the shyer girls the other girls and their boyfriends love to tease. A few people I knew started out that way, so I did the thing that no one did for me and made them my friends.

    It helps to be the loser at least once in your life; you learn how you DON'T want to act once you've crawled out of that social pit.

    BQ: Well, not as much as I was, but there's still some crazy people. This one ginger junior who used to like me now has a permanent hate-grudge, as far as I know. He cleans everything I touch like I'm carrying the plague (and Alex from the library told me he called me a slag: I told her that I wouldn't be sending him a reply no matter what he said next).

    BQ2: Well, there's my main crush now, who's a girl. Shortish, my age but a grade-year older, dark brown hair, green eyes that look blue the warmer the weather is, big white smile and freckles. She's also got two albino feretts and is really into movies and art. Also wears a lot of bohemian clothes, a lot of plaid in her closet.

    Then, I got a weird (I'll explain why) crush on this girl I met yesterday. She had dark tied-back hair and sharp brown eyes, and wore a lot of stylish dark leather. But in reality, she was sort of shy and quieter than most, and seemed to like me because I sounded cool, I suppose (with my non-native NY slur) and acted open and friendly towards total strangers. And she looked only a year or so younger than me. But then I learned she was only 12, and that meant a definite no for now. That's like robbing the cradle in teenage years.

    And I've had crushes on guys, too (my Drama Club friend was a former one, glad that's over), but none in real life so far. Just celebrities. And they're all mostly English and actor/comedians or musicians.

    BQ3: Stay up super-late on Youtube & Y!A

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    Yup... He's an incredibly rude person, putting people down, making sure everyone is uncomfortable, being rather rude to the teacher even... He said my friend was "really retarded" and then said "oh no, that's an insult to retarded people, ___ is even stupider than that!" when really all that happened was my friend couldn't do the grammar exercise on the board. He also makes fun of people in general (not in the "cool kid asshole" way) like in the super uptight and blatantly rude way. He provokes people by being rude and saying some pretty mean things to people... So the guys that happen to do sports with him make fun of him for smelling bad and for being rude (both are true...) I don't make fun of him tho, I just don't let him be rude to me.

    We don't have names for him tho and I only snap back a bit at him when he's rude to me.

    BQ: Nope :) not at all!

    BQ: I don't have crushes anymore haha I haven't for over a year, since I met my boyfriend who I've been with for over a year, and I liked him before that... He's really chill, usually pretty sweet unless he's busy or stressed but that's reasonable, he's smart and talented (he'll deny those last two tho). He's 5'10/11" blonde hair, blue eyes, tons of freckles, hella skinny with muscle and a really nice smile :)

    BQ: Ah nothin tonight haha

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    7 years ago


    BQ- Are you an unliked person?- not really, but i'm sure that I am unliked by some people

    BQ- Describe your crush(es)?- I don't have any

    BQ- What do you do on a Friday night?- go out with friends

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    7 years ago

    False. I'm the person everyone thinks is okay. I'm not particularly liked or disliked.

    BQ: Not at all.

    BQ2: My 3 biggest crushes have been sweet but can come off as a little arrogant. They're also pretty smart.

    BQ3: Nothing really.

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  • 7 years ago

    Not necessarily in my class, but in my grade there is this one girl who nobody likes, basically because she throws herself at every guy.

    BQ- I wouldn't really say unliked. I'm just really shy so a lot of people don't really know me.

    BQ- The main guy I like right now is a guy who I had marching band with. He has like..shaggy light brown hair and hazel eyes. He's a year older than me though. :c

    BQ- Usually I hang out with friends. And I used to have to perform at football games with the marching band. :)

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    Haha. It's probably me. Although, there is a guy who was in three of my classes last year (but luckily we only share one this year) called Brad, who is the epitome of repugnance. He is honestly the most annoying person I have ever met. He's a complete douchebag who craves attention and makes stupid, offensive jokes. He thinks that he's funny and popular, but I doubt that anybody really likes him.

    BQ: Yes. People never take the time to get to know me. They just base their opinions of me on the way that I look. I know that it's just how the world works sometimes, but it's frustrating. I could be nice, if people gave me the chance to show them that.

    BQ2: Her name is Nikki. I've liked for a while, and I told her last week (well, not exactly, but I think that she got the point). I knew that she wouldn't like me back, but I thought that she deserved to know. I like how we can talk for hours without getting bored with each other. I like how she's the perfect combination of supportive and non-judgemental. I like how we can be serious or light-hearted with each other. I like how I don't have to use good grammar when I'm speaking to her. I like how we're so similar. I love how we obsess over the same things. I like how she understands what I'm saying to her without demanding an explanation. I like how we can go days or even weeks without talking, and it doesn't affect our friendship. I like how she's so intelligent. Oh, she also has dark hair and green(ish) eyes.

    BQ3: This.

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    That is very true.

    In my class, there is a girl in my class that is nasty, extremely racist, and loves herself. She treats her friends like dirt and I have actually had to stick up for them as her friends are very shy.

    BQ: Yes I am liked. 99% of my class get along with me.(apart from the unliked girl)

    BQ:Dont have one, I suppose Im just waiting :)

    BQ: Homework, facebook, going out with friends, watching a film with my mom! :)

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    There is a girl in my year level who everybody seems to hold something against. I'm one of her only friends in the entire school, and we're not even that close.

    BQ: Depends. I think I'm generally well-liked, though.

    BQ: He's a stubborn, passionate, sometimes arrogant, original person. We butt-heads. I love it.

    BQ: Stay home, lol.

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    He is so selfish and gets referrals ALL the time.

    I guess I would consider myself an unliked person, but not to everybody.

    5 of my crushes have curly/wavy hair: MGMT

    A realistic crush of mine has green eyes, blond, loves the same music I do, we create music together, lanky, has a cute wave on the front part of his hair, and loves to ride bikes with me, we might get together soon, oh do I hope so. We're very good friends.

    What I do on a Friday night? Pfft, I don't have a life, man. You're making me feel bad.

  • 7 years ago

    I remember one. She was so.... ugly. I don't use the term "ugly" often. It wasn't that she wasn't pretty in the face (she wasn't), but she tried to get in EVERYONE's pants. Didn't matter if you were girl or guy. I remember she found out that I was bi, and would NOT leave me alone. She is nasty, spreads terrible rumors, and isn't quite bright. She was horrible.

    BQ1- I don't know. I like to think I get along with everyone, but nobody does. I have my acquaintances and my friends, and then I have my good friends.

    BQ2- My crush? I'm marrying him. :)

    BQ3- I work. Well... I lost my job today, so I don't really know. We shall see.

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