♂ WDYT of these boy names?

I am not pregnant, I just love names.

♂ Evan Joseph

♂ Gregory Thomas

♂ Jesse Robert

♂ Kendall Scott

♂ Logan Philip

♂ Matthew Casey

♂ Nicholas Adam

♂ Robert Michael

The most detailed answer will get ten points. =)

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  • 8 years ago
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    I l♥v Jesse Robert!

    Evan Joseph is cool too. I personally find Evan to just be alright, but Joseph is an awesome name and together they fit well with each other.

    Gregory Thomas has a great meaning on both names! You really have great taste! Gregory means 'watchful and alert' and Thomas means 'twin'.

    Kendall Scott I have to say I am not feeling Kendall on a boy, but it does sound like "Ken Doll" to me ;)

    Scott has an unknown meaning. Some etymologists think it means 'tattoo' and others think it is a name people used to describe people from what we now call Scotland. For the possibility of the name meaning 'tattoo', I personally wouldn't name a son that.

    Logan-oh-I-love-this-name! Philip (sorry I couldn't wait) I love this whole name!!!! 10/10 Hearts galore!

    Logan "from the little Hollow" and Philip "lover of horses".

    Matthew Casey is okay. I have a hard time with the name Matthew. It's a great name, but for personal, private reasons, I could never name a son that. I do like Matthias and I think Matthias has a more respectable sense to it. Casey doesn't make me rejoice when I hear it on a guy. Perhaps the public drama with Casey Affleck and Casey Anthony have soured me on this name.

    Nicholas Adam... Well, I used to love the name Nicholas before I realized that it was linked to the Greek deity Nike. After studying the history of the name, I can't name my son that. Adam... ditto. Although Adam was a perfect man, he blew it for his offspring to have everlasting life. He betrayed Jehovah God, the Hebrew God, and Adam's sin is why a messiah was needed to ransom us all from death. I personally would name my son something different, like Seth (the name of Adam's third son, who our line came from). Seth comes from the Hebrew word that means 'seed / to plant a seed' hence, after Abel (Adam's first son) was murdered by Cain ( who chose wickedness), Seth became 'appointed' to carry the family tree of mankind. He was a 'seed' if you will.

    Robert Michael - Love this name!! Robert means 'bright fame' and Michael (the name of the Archangel Jesus) means 'Who is like God?' It has one of the strongest name meanings ever because it is a question that provokes thought and emotion, and emits strength!!!

    Peace ♥

  • 8 years ago

    ♂ Evan Joseph: I love this name. It's very cute and handsome. It flows well. 9/10

    ♂ Gregory Thomas: It's strong and masculine. It flows well. It's very nice. 8/10

    ♂ Jesse Robert: I love the name Jesse. It's adorable. 8/10

    ♂ Kendall Scott: I don't reall like Kendall. It sound good together though. 7/10

    ♂ Logan Philip: It's modern and old-fashioned. It sounds good together. It's lovely. 8/10

    ♂ Matthew Casey: I love this name. It's so cute. 9/10

    ♂ Nicholas Adam: It's very strong and masculine. I love it. 8/10

    ♂ Robert Michael: It's very handsome. It flows well. It's very lovely. 9/10

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    8 years ago

    I'm not gonna get best answer I just simply can't be bothered but I love Matthew Casey and Kendall Scott (:

  • 8 years ago

    Most of them are very good, solid, classic names, the only ones I'm not a huge fan of are Kendall (too trendy for girls) and Casey (too nicknamy.) My favorite is probably Nicholas Adam.

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