Can the metadata of a Word Document be faked or forged?

I'm not interested in the how, just interested in the yes or no.

See, in 2005, I came up with a story for a comic book and posted the first few pages on my myspace in 2006. A few years later, I saw my story idea as a comic called Kickass. Then a movie. Now there is a sequel to both.

I have no intent to sue, but I'm trying to find employment with the big three as a writer and when I reference the idea that I didn't capitolize on as one of my weaknesses, I want to be able to show the Word file it was originally saved to, with the date being years before anyone else had the idea.

If metadata can be faked or forged, I'm screwed a little bit with this evidence. The only people who know my idea predated Kickass are my wife, her family, and the girl I based my story on.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Any digital document or metadata can be faked. It may be as easy as setting the clock back then creating a document, though it may be hard to find a working copy of the original version of Word. There's nothing to stop metadata being doctored with a binary editor, though.

    In theory you could use a digital timestamping service - sign the document with a certificate issued by an impartial service, or store a checksum in escrow with a laywer or get it notarized or witnessed or something. As one does in digital forensics to maintain an audit trail.

    You may find your page on the wayback machine for 2006, if it scanned myspace in detail

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