How do I stand up to this boy's negative comments on Facebook?

He likes to think of himself as very intelligent, and he likes to hold it over your head. In class, he is very intelligent but I also noticed he doesn't have many friends. In school anyway. Unfortunately, I have this thing where I like to prove myself to boys that I'm not a stupid little girl. So I strive to try just as hard in sports

I posted a video of our JV girl's basketball team. This boy, "Kevin" was like, "...hold the camera steady." And that really hurt because I tried MY BEST to hold it steady. And honestly, the video doesn't look that bad. I recorded 12-13 full games and cut it down to 4 minutes.

He also says negative things about things I post. I posted a tip about Mac fans and how to clean them and he comments "Macs are for five year olds. I build and sell custom PCs." I think he's just jealous he can't afford one. And I seriously doubt he builds and sells custom PCs.

I posted a video of my favorite band, The Beatles, and he says that they're "old, crappy, pot smoking hippies."

I've already blocked two guys who have posted negative comments because they called me "stupid." We're all in eleventh grade, which is really surprising they haven't matured yet.


I've put up with this for two years. I've blocked him.

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    7 years ago
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    umm block him?!

    actually to win this, you just have to ignore it! there are people like that in the world that will say negative things to make you mad, but it pissess them off when you simply dont acknowledge it, or him at all!

    guys like him have nothing better to do than find faults in people, mostly cos he has faults himself that he dont want people pointing out. just ignore him, go around his comments, just stay happy and show him that his comments are not bothering you.......

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  • 7 years ago

    I hate that kid already. put this on the video:

    You r kidding, right? Please tell me how 1d influenced music for generations to come. The Beatles wrote half of their songs of their first album in one night, and it was a smash hit. They produced 13 major records in 10 years, not counting their smaller ones, which would add up to about 15. Most bands today release an album once every year or two, and arent even remembered a couple years after. How long has it been since the Beatles broke up?42 years? And yet people still listen to their music as if they are a hot boy band out right now. 1d sounds pretty, but will never come anywhere close to music as influential as the Beatles. And dont tell me: well, so many more people know about 1d more than the Beatles. The Beatles were booming in a time when computers hadnt hardly existed. T.Vs were in crappy quality, and no technology even close to todays standards. Yet they were still known worldwide. 1 d would not have been even close to making it in the Beatles' time. Girls litterally commited suicide when the beatles broke up, and the man who killed John Lennon is in solitary confinement for life because he litterally can never show his face on this Earth again. This generation is so messed up. It is sad that their are some bands doing re dos of classic oldies bands, and girls dont even care where the song originally came from. All they care about is how good looking the band is or the sound of their voice( which it all is heavily autotuned by the way ). I honestly would not be suprised at all if you were trolling because that was a very rediculous thing to say. There are very few bands who can even come close to comparing with the Beatles. Gosh, I wish people today would open their minds and eyes for just one second and really compare, a not just say OMG ONNE DIRRWECTION IIISSSS LIKEEE DAA GREAATEST TING EEVVEEEVEVER ANDIIFFF U HATE THEM GGOO DIEEE IN A HOOOOLLLEEESS. I am hardly exagerating at all. Thats what most teenage girls sound like 2day. Like I said, the songs today dont even have meaning. The Beatles could not be compared to, even the bands in their generation. The Beatles started an INVASION of British bands. Comment to admit Im right, or comment when one direction does all the stuff i just listed in 10 years. Call me stupid if u like. I and the rest of the world who isnt screwed up already by todays generation will agree with me. That should shut him up. You might also want to add in some (Choice Words). I rlly hope this helps.

    Source(s): (btw ignore all of the 1D stuff sorry i posted it somewhere else lol
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  • 3 years ago

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  • 7 years ago

    Stand up to him by hitting him as hard as you possibly can. If he mentions that he builds pc's for example, tell him he should stop building them, get off of facebook, and get a life. Make it hurt, if you want to prove to him you're not a little girl. Otherwise, how are you any different from every other girl?

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  • 7 years ago

    Don't listen to them. Lots of boys are rude to girls when they like them. Just don't take it to heart too much as well. Theyre boys and thats how boys are

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  • 7 years ago

    unfriend him

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