Will there be more orphans if the anti-abortion laws are passed?

Some women who initially didn't want a child may change their minds. Some may have family members to care for them. Some may choose adoption. But what about the babies who don't get adopted? What kind of life will they face. Who will care for them?

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    In the book Freakonomics, authors Levitt and Dubner make the case that a drop in crime, particularly teen and young adult crime, came about approximately 15-20 years after Roe v Wade. their argument is that a case can be made that this drop in crime is connected to the reduction in unwanted children which Roe v Wade provided. Abortions tend to be used by those women unprepared to mother a child at that point in their lives, and for many, an unwanted pregnancy is financially and psychologically not an option, resulting in a child that is ill supported in many ways. Those children represent a significant risk of falling into drug abuse and crime.

    Orphans? Possible. But more importantly, unwanted children.

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  • Marcus
    Lv 7
    7 years ago

    You haven't a clue have you? Way before the abortion became such a big ta do women were self aborting for many decades. That would simply come back or abortions would go underground.

    In addition the damn women that are to freaking lucky lazyasssed to use birth control might actually start. It is much less expensive.

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  • 7 years ago

    No. But there will be more kids who are horrendously abused. There will be more women who commit suicide and who go to the hospital (and about half will die) from complications due to self-abortion. Most of the women will not give the kids up for adoption. Those kids will have miserable lives.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    The Republicans will enslave them into their for-profit society of bigotry and hatred and try to get them to rob, cheat, and steal like they do, or else they will ridicule them and insult them and condemn them to death for being poor...

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