My iTunes music won't transfer music to my laptop.?

I got a new computer yesterday and when I plugged in my iPad to transfer the everything, it transferred all of the apps but only one song. Now all of the music on my iPad won't play. I have all of it backed up to another computer also, but I want it on the new one. Can someone help me resolve this problem. This is on a mac btw.

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  • Linds
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    8 years ago
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    The only time music/apps transfer from ipad/ipod to computer, is if they were bought on that device, if they were bought on the computer, then you'll need to redownload the music or back it up to an external hard drive

    How to redownload without rebuying

    On the new computer, log into your itunes account (the one the songs are linked to, do not create a new one)

    Look to the right where there is a list, look for 'Purchased' it will be after Itunes Match, but come before 'My Wish List'. Click Purchased, there you can redownload anything that is not installed on that computer at no charge.

    Or you can go about it this way

    Steps fro external hard drive

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