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How long does a house in AZ take to sell this time of year?

How long would it take a relatively expensive house to sell if it were to be listed now? It is in an area with a lot of snowbirds, and I'm just wondering because I'm assuming they are looking right now.


Snowbirds are the term we use here that describes retired people who live up north during summer months and live in AZ or FL during winter months.

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    Are you in Aquila or are you in Scottsdale? All real estate is very local, so ask your agent how long it should take and how to price it correctly to get it sold quickly. The higher-end homes do not sell as quickly in any market.

    Most of the snowbirds already have their accommodations set for this year, so they may not purchase until spring. The last property I sold in Tucson was to snowbirds, but it went on the market in November, did not sell until March.

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  • no clue what snowbirds are. i dnt think theres a set time on when ppl r looking for houses. some houses sell super fast. others sit for years.

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    you pick for a crystal ball precise? Take my suggestion and shop it , and hire it out .long term, short , it is not significant . it particularly is a duplex isn't that a condo belongings. you may sell it later while the ball is extra on your court docket. 2 to 3 years is what i think of. yet from my understanding Phoenix continues to be one the only markets that maintains to be going up. Am I incorrect ?

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