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how do i open a FLE file?

ok so a client brought me a computer mitchell on demand and asked me to install it on his computer but he lost the account number, so i started looking around on the net and it turns out that a file in one of the 3 1/2 floppies has the account number its this (MTOD1) file type FLE so iv been trying to open it with all kinds of programs note pad, word, and a bunch of other stuff i found on the net, for a while i even thought it was a crypto file so i downloaded a decrypter but no luck can some one help me get the account number please!!!


ok when i run the installation i get that MTOD1 ERROR i think its because i don't have the right account number because i just put any number in that box and iv looked online and have found that MTOD1 and MDOTS3 are key files so well not sure what to do know

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    a .FLE file is a file that holds settings for scanners. I don't think that's what your looking for,

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