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Is Axl Rose still alive?

I think he was abducted by aliens and brainwashed or something.He was on Jimmy Kimmel last night and he was giving out free tickets and burgers! Thats not Axl,he is supposed to be the biggest ***hole in the history of the planet.And the questions Kimmel asked were so lame like do you like haloween? Not one mention of rock n roll hall of fame ceremony.Not a single mention of Slash or Steve Adler.Not a single mention of when the next album is finaly comming out(its been 4 years since chinese democracy).And he says his new guitarist is bumblefoot.Is bumblefoot what buckethead calls himself when he doesnt wear a kfc bucket on his head?Please explain I am confused terribly!

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    Lol I saw that yesterday. Jimmy asked Axl one of the questions I asked him via. Twitter.

    To be honest, I dont like bumblefoot, and the rest of the band(how many people are there, 15?).

    I think he didnt ask Axl about Slash, Steven and otheres becasue it would make him upset, and Axl would stomp out of the place. Like when Jimmy talked about GNR's old rehearsal place, Axl seemed kinda uncomfortable, idk why.

    And that burger give away thing was kind of strange...

    I think Axl is just grown up now, and he tries to fix his image, he seemed so happy on the show talking about his halloween tree, and kids and stuff. I dont know, i thought he seemed nice.

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    Why do maximum of people think of Axl is ineffective? he's in each single place those days. only beginning a clean ecu excursion with an entire load of randoms and Dizzy Reed below the call weapons N' Roses. New album out in fall...apparently. fairly much have been given in a scuffle with Tommy Hilfiger this week, yet apparently (in keeping with hazard for the 1st time in his existence) performed the bigger guy and walked away. committed "you're loopy" to him.

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    YES Infact just last year he ACTUALLY REFUSED to be indicted into the ROCK N ROLL HAAL OF FAME.

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    Yes and fatter than ever

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