Donald Trump offering to donate 5 Million to charity for Obamas College transcripts?

Donald Trump has offered Obama 5 million dollars to the charity of his choice to release his transcripts that have been hiding for 4 years.. I wonder how long it'll take them to doctor one up for him? Do you think he'll do it? Why wouldn't he unless he have something to hide? That's 5 million to support a good cause, it'd be insulting for the President not to follow through. I'm sure Romney would proudly show us that he wen't to Harvard and didn't transfer as a foreign student..

I don't know why this hasn't drawn any red flags for libs.. He keeps lying to you guys! haha


You can sit there and call Donald Trump a bad penny, but he's not running for president.. But you're right.. God forbid our own president release his transcripts..

Update 2:

No suspicion has lead to suspect Romney as a foreigner.. I'm sure if the media wanted these documents bad enough then he would give them to him because he has nothing to hide.. Obama hired a lawyer and ended up paying 5 mil to keep his birth certificate hidden.. and then all of a sudden comes out and releases it with no problem?? Hmm.. suspicion once again arises.. I understand thinking all of this was not true back in 08.. But now after having mounds of facts and information piled on top of you.. you still don't believe it! how ignorant

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  • 8 years ago
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    Offering 5 million dollars to Obama would be like offering you a dime to pay

    your rent. Obama can "skim" more than that from his Campaign funds in a

    week. Trump set the country up anticipating an issue of "substance", such as

    a copy of Obama's Grant Application, listing him as a Foreign Exchange

    Student........or a copy of his Selective Service letter. Something "earth

    shattering". Instead, he offered money for something that Obama will NEVER

    voluntarily release. Obviously he's HIDING something serious and something

    he KNOWS will knock him back to Indonesia. And "people" don't see this as

    a major fraud on them ?

    @@@Alex - Certainly you couldn't POSSIBLY belief your own words !!!??

    Obama had Romney RUN through a 4 GENERATION's search, looking for

    ANY possible dirt. Do you seriously believe it's acceptable for a man SOWRN

    to protect and serve the people who elected him, to HIDE these documents ?

    That's an all TIME cop out !

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  • 4 years ago

    There is no intent why any President of the U.S. Of the USA would participate in a Donald Trump publicity scheme. Trump is correct up there with Palin, Ann Coulter and Paris Hilton when it comes to publicity hounds.

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  • 8 years ago

    Donald Trump, like Larry Flynt and Gloria Allred are the proverbial bad pennies which land in the middle of trouble, not to help but to divide further, if that's possible in this day and age.

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  • Alex
    Lv 7
    8 years ago

    "I'm sure Romney would proudly show us that he wen't to Harvard" - Then how come he hasn't? Romney hasn't released his birth certificate, passport records, or college records. He hasn't even released as many years of tax returns as Obama.

    It would be a disgusting day for our country if a sitting president gave into the demands of some racist, loudmouthed, media whore.

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  • MSU69
    Lv 6
    8 years ago

    Warning do accept checks from Donald Trump they are subject to bounce.

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