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Head tremor caused by anxiety?

Hi it,s 5 years that i,m involved in Generalized anxiety disorder and Love-shyness and too afraid of talking to girls of high natural beauty but not women i have too much twitching of the head or head tremor when i want to talk to people i can,t sit steady and talk to people i always have to lean on i pillow or hold on something to speak with people otherwise my head twitches so much that shows me like a mental. i wonder what kind of tremor or twitching it is? it is surely not Essential tremor , what kind of anxiety does the generalized anxiety causes and where is the root place of twitching or tremor and what kind of medicines should i take to get rid of this which i hate too much and makes me to suicide if not treated.

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    what you should do is go to your doctor. you cannot diagnose yourself

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