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Does all green tea have caffeine in it?

I need to lower my blood pressure I know that weight loss could help me do that and green tea helps you to lose weight but does green tea increase blood pressure or lower it? And again does all green tea have caffeine in it?

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    Green tea has caffeine in it (about 32mg per 100ml vs. 40mg for coffee), but it also contains tannin which slows the absorption of the caffeine, giving it a weaker effect. This is what people usually mean when they say it contains "natural" caffeine (caffeine is a definite chemical compound, so caffeine is caffeine is caffeine, but what you consume it with will determine its effect.) How you steep the tea will determine both the amount of caffeine and the ratio of caffeine to tannin.

    Most of the caffeine is released in the first minute or two, when you steep the tea. Most of the tannin is released some time after that. You can cut out much of the caffeine in green tea by steeping your tea for about two minutes, pouring out the tea, then re-adding hot water and drinking the second brew. This will leave you with around 1/2-3/4 less caffeine (something between 7 and 15mg per 100ml), and there will be more tannin to slow the absorption so it will have a less strong effect.

    This is all very imprecise, so if you have to eliminate caffeine from your diet entirely I would steer clear of tea. But if you're just trying to cut back, drink the second brew.

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    Most herbs does not contain caffeine, so if your drinking herbal tea (ussually much better) than most likely no. Normal green tea has caffeine in it, yes About 1\3 of whats in coffee.

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    Decaffeinated whether it is after dinner--you do not desire to have drawback napping. The caffeine is not the rewarding facet of inexperienced tea. Otherwise, ingesting espresso or soda might be encouraged for wasting weight.

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    I know it is really good for your body, but I'm not sure if it has caffeine

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