would this prevent me from getting a student visa?

I came to the USA 3 years ago and i have been here ever since. i am staying here with an f1 status. i changed status from b1 visa to f1 status within the USA. and i have been going to school ever since.

1st went to ESL

then went to college and i also got an associates degree.

i am now going to a university pursuing psychology and this is my 1st semester. i am planning on going back to my home country to get the student visa. i am in the USA right now, under an f1 status going to University. will the fact that i havent gone to my country for 3 years now prevent me from getting the student visa when i go back to my country in the next 2 months. i don't want to risk it, because i am currently going to University, and i have an f-1 status (I-94 card). so i am worried i would be denied. thoughts?

P.S- i have all documents like I-20 that expires 2015. a degree from the USA, good financial support, and so on.

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  • 7 years ago
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    As long as you have complied with the terms of your visa you will have no problems.

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