How to start architectural visualization studio/services?

I want to start a architectural visualization studio/services.

I have:

1. A team of two who can do anything in 3ds Max and Maya.

2. Good Machines.

3. Contacts of Architect.

4. Small place to work.

I don't have:

1. 2D Artist/Designer

2. Money

I want to know that:

1. Who will give us work? Procedure for getting work?

2. Do architect provide the designs of architectural model OR we have to design ?

3. Do we have to design in 2D before starting in 3D ? OR We can direct start in 3D ?

4. Which is the good 2D architectural designing software ?

5. How to make a Demoreel/Showreel of Architectural Visualization ? What type of models should I include in reel. ?

If I'm missing something, can tell me in details.

Nikhil Shah Jain


1 Answer

  • 7 years ago

    google it or post it under citehr(dot)com you might get the answer or take help of local hr agents and post your resume to job portals

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