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Becoming and actress?

my dream is to become an actress and ive taken drama before but not like a highschool class but for church.

how do i become an actress?

like do i have to go to school for acting? or just go try out for things?

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    A lot of people like the idea of being an actor/actress but the reality of what it takes to have that as a career really isn't for them. So you need to start by taking some quality acting classes and auditioning for local productions to make sure this is really something you want to try to pursue professionally. If you enjoy acting, you can always do that as a hobby. To work professionally requires a lot more than auditioning and getting cast. Professional acting is a business and there are a lot of people willing to take advantage of you if you don't understand the industry. So start to research the industry and what is all involved in a professional acting career. You need to do all this before you even begin to worry about trying to find a talent agent.

    For movies and TV's it generally works like this. A casting director writes a "breakdown" (a description of the role they want to cast). Good breakdowns are released to licensed talent agents and mangers only. Talent agents review the breakdowns and submit their clients for the roles they think are best for their clients. (Which is is why you'll eventually need a talent agent to work professionally.)

    Talent agents are paid a percentage of what their clients make. (Never pay an agent up front.) Since they're paid only if their clients are paid, they are picky about who they take on as clients. And they can be picky because there are a lot more people wanting to act and need agents than there are parts. So generally, talent agents are not interested in beginners. They're looking for people who have some training and experience.

    If you do decide that you might want to try to work professionally, you could look into an acting school/program for after high school. You'll want a good quality one which means you'll have to audition to get in. Acting school isn't a requirement to be an actress, but it's very helpful. You not only learn about acting, but a good school will prepare you for the industry and help you start to make connections and network which is necessary to find out about opportunities.

    If you're a minor, your parents will have to be very involved. Here's a website about working in the entertainment industry as a minor:

    Good luck.

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    You need more training and experience. You could join a youth or community theatre group. There you will learn about the world of acting and you will get a better idea as to whether you have talent and potential for this kind of work.

    It is unrealistic to expect to find work and be taken on by an agent until you gain experience and training. No reputable agent will consider you for work when there are thousands of young people out there who have experience and training. It is not in their best interests, because their income depends on how marketable you are. They don't get paid unless you get the work.

    Learn to sing and dance so you can audition for a greater variety of acting roles. That will help you become more competitive for auditions. If there is a choir or drama group at school, then join those to get some vocal and acting training and experience.

    A lot of young people confuse the desire to become an actress with the harsh reality of needing to provide what the acting world wants. It is possible that you can make your dream come true. Just be prepared to work hard to discover if have what it takes. Good luck!

    Source(s): Teenage daughter attends well known acting school full time.
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    You need to have an acting agent. An agent can get you auditions for commercials and such. Find a legitimate one that isn't a scam. Get an IMDb pro account and search for actors that have had minor roles in shows and such, and you will find what agent they have, as with no experience, a better agent may not take you.

    An agent usually has a website with instructions on how to contact them for representation. However, if not, send them a resume of ANY acting experience (School plays and such) as well as an 8x10 headshot of yourself and include your height, age, weight etc. If they are interested, they will contact you.

    There is also lots of acting institutions you can go to. That can also increase the chances of you getting an agent. also has jobs for amateur actors hoping to gain experience. It's what I use all the time to build up my resume.

    Good luck.

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    first you need to get some acting can't try out for things if you don't know how to or where to look for auditions.there is no specific school for this.

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