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Why Is Media Allowing Joe Biden to Lie About Drunk Driver Killing His First Wife?

Why Is Media Allowing Joe Biden to Lie About Drunk Driver Killing His First Wife?

We must say up front that we sympathize with Vice President Biden for the loss of his wife and infant daughter in a 1972 car crash. It is, however, unfortunate that Biden himself lacks the common decency not to misuse and pervert the memory of his spouse and child for political gain, and not to misuse the resources of the U.S. Senate to inflict pain on an innocent family for the same reason.

As reported by Inside Edition, a police investigation of the accident showed that Mrs. Biden pulled into an intersection after she failed to notice an oncoming tractor trailer, which apparently had the right of way. The truck’s driver, Curtis Dunn, put his own life at risk in an effort to avoid the collision; he twisted the wheel so hard that he overturned his vehicle. Delaware Online adds emphatically that neither driver had consumed alcohol. Senator Biden, as reported by the New York Times, nonetheless chose to publicly and falsely accuse Mr. Dunn of killing Biden’s wife and child while driving drunk (emphasis added):

“Let me tell you a little story,” Mr. Biden told the crowd at the University of Iowa. “I got elected when I was 29, and I got elected November the 7th. And on Dec. 18 of that year, my wife and three kids were Christmas shopping for a Christmas tree. A tractor-trailer, a guy who allegedly — and I never pursued it — drank his lunch instead of eating his lunch, broadsided my family and killed my wife instantly, and killed my daughter instantly, and hospitalized my two sons, with what were thought to be at the time permanent, fundamental injuries.”

A false accusation of a crime such as killing somebody while driving drunk is of course automatically libel or slander, but Mr. Biden waited until Mr. Dunn had died of natural causes to make this accusation. A dead person cannot sue for defamation, nor can his family sue on his behalf, which means Biden attacked somebody who could not defend himself. This makes Barack Obama’s running mate a coward as well as a liar.

Mr. Dunn is not in a position to care what Biden said about him, but he left a daughter (Pamela Hamill) and doubtless other family members who do care. These are ordinary Americans who do not have the power and media access of a United States senator, who used his Senate website to perpetrate his malicious defamation of Ms. Hamill’s father (emphasis added):

To the loved ones of the victims [of 9/11], there is nothing really we can say to erase this tragedy. And, those of you who think it’s presumptuous of me to say that … in a different circumstance, I got one of those phone calls. I got one of those phone calls like Davis Sezna got. I got a phone call saying, “Your wife’s dead; your daughter’s dead.” And I’ve only said that three times in public before. But, I say it here because it’s so important for you to understand. I got one of those phone calls. It was an errant driver who stopped to drink instead of drive and hit a tractor-trailer, hit my children and my wife and killed them.It wasn’t an airplane, but it was a phone call: “They’re dead.” And, I can tell you from experience, and some of you can, too, that feeling that inside your chest is a black hole and you’re being sucked inside it. I know from experience there’s nothing in the near term we can do to bring solace, relief or peace to those people.

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    I went to the soda head article and the links it provides as proof don't work, Why?

    You make it sound like he just said this, that quote is from 2001 (after 9/11), Why?

    Some articles I found said CBS and other reports said Dunn was drinking, Why?

    He said "who allegedly — and I never pursued it"

    He later said he “fully accepts the Dunn family's word that these rumors were false'

    .Dunn's daughter said Biden called her and "he did redeem himself" and "I feel closure."

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    Joe Biden Drunk

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    If you ever had to use your brain, you would know that one beer affects your ability to concentrate.

    While the driver may not have been legally drunk, he may have had enough to slow his reactions or become casual about driving into an intersection. Green lights are more dangerous than red ones because most people automatically assume other drivers are paying attention.

    A police officer or someone else may have told Biden that there was evidence of alcohol on the truck drivers breath. If no test was done at the scene or shortly thereafter, it is as if he was stone sober because the evidence isn't available.

    Biden might be showing concern for the truck driver in waiting to mention it until he passed. You are interpreting Bidens actions politically and have no idea of Bidens motivations.

    When I heard Biden speak of this, he was addressing the families of those who lost a loved one in the wars. He said, other people would tell him, "I know how you feel" He said, "They had no idea how he felt unless they lost a loved one." such as those who's family member perished in a war.

    So Biden is telling the truth when he tells lost solders families that he knows how they feel because he has lost as much or more.

    Stop making political hay out of this tragedy. It won't do you any good and it makes you a lesser person.

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    Joe Biden is announcing it considering that he desires folks to think sorry for them. On just right Morning the us Dianne stated that the man that haccused used to be now not drunck. He was once in the accident and Biden's wife and little one happend to be killed within the accident.

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    Thats not the only thing the media lets Biden and Obama lie about. There are dozens of other times where the president and vice pres says something and the media doesn't question it they just say that it is the truth.

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    You are a total A**hole!!!!! I remember when that happen, A drunk driver hit his wife's car, it killed her, and his daughter, and his son was injured. You insensitive jerk! You watch hate (fox news) you become hate. I'm telling you and all the haters, erroneous websites popping up with all this damning information. You are ridiculous!! Intelligent people won't fall for it.

    Add show me your thumb.

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    Old burnout politicians like Biden and Obama lost their grasp of reality long ago.

    Lies catch up after a while and overtake true memories.

    Source(s): I'm willing to bet Biden would pass a lie detector while telling that story.
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    Laura bush killed her boyfriend while drunk driving

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