Question about headphone splitters?

So i have a headphone splitter plugged into my tv, and have 2 small speaker systems plugged into it.

It sounds great.

I was wondering, Could i plug in 2 more splitters into the first splitter,

creating 4 headphone pluggins, and then hook up 4 speaker systems to it,

and do you think it would still sound good?

or would the sound be distorted?

(I am mainly using one main speaker system, then tiny extra ipod speakers for extra boost, so its not like i am going to have 4 actually full speaker systems going, just 1-2, then 1-2 ipod speakers. from logitech) let me know if u guys think this would work, thanks!

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    (A) The headphone jacks have a voltage that drives the headphones, generally for 1 set of headphones. You might be able to use two splitters, (1 into 2 into 4) yet the volume would perhaps be lower.

    (B) The best solution {using a headphone type output} is to get a MultiMedia or Computer Speaker System that has an Amplifier built into the speaker system. I know we carry a Multi-Media System at Radio Shack that has 8 Watts (of Power) and this speaker system has a small subwoofer & a right & left speaker for only $30. See example in sources below....

    So, once you split the Headphone Output, you reduce the power in two. (You divide the power out by 2; or you divide it in half.)

    (C) A Television with an "Line-Audio-Output" (generally an RCA or Phono Plug) will be colored "Red" and "White". These are outputs that generally are used to be plugged into an Amplifier (called a receiver) and then the Amplifier has speakers connected to it.

    (D) Also, some Televisions have regular "Speaker Outputs" (generally an RCA or Phono Plug too) colored in "Red" & "White", yet these are Amplified or Powered "Jacks" that can power regular Speakers, so they can power Bookself-type Speaker Systems, and Loud-Speaker type systems.

    I will attempt to put some Sources below for you to review, ... thanks, Brian Morgan (Indiana USA).


    Source(s): =============== 1) Examples of headphone jack, Line-Audio-Jack, Speaker Jacks... 2) Examples of Line-Audio-Output (Input) 3) Website explaining "Line Level" versus "Speaker Level" Outputs 4) Speaker Systems I Recommend for headphone-type connections to Audio Devices (Amplified Speaker Systems) 5) Radio Shack Amplified Speaker Systems (headphone input type)
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    Speaker And Headphone Splitter

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    It should work just fine.

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