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What are the top 5 BEST anime series of all time in your opinion?

My top 5 is:

1. Monster - hands down the best form of literature of any kind I have ever encountered.

2. Death Note - If Monster is a 10, Death Note is a 9.5

3. Yu Yu Hakusho - classic fighting anime with great messages about friendship and a good plot.

4. FMA Brotherhood - brilliant

5. Gundam Wing - my person favorite Gundam series, and the first anime other than DBZ I ever watched.



Steins;Gate is number 2. Move everything else down a rank, and bump GW to number 6.

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    1) Welcome to the NHK

    2) Neon Genesis Evangelion

    3) To Aru Kagaku no Railgun

    4) Serial Experiment Lain

    5) Binbougami Ga!

    6) Ano Hana

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  • Grid
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    8 years ago

    I see my favorite anime in groups of clusters rather than individual shows, so I sort of cheat around with the question.

    1) Yu Yu Hakusho / Rurouni Kenshin - personal bias, being my first 'real' animes, but they really had interesting characters. Yusuke was the definition of cool, while Kenshin was the humble killing machine.

    2) Cowboy Bebop / Samurai Champloo - some say it is overrated, and parts of it do feel slow, but overall it has a really nice, kicked back relaxed filling. I bump it w/ Samurai Champloo because both are by same creator and generally have a similar feeling associated with them.

    3) Death Note / Code Geass - The best strategy animes I have watched. I can watch them multiple times and not get tried, but the first time was indeed the best. Leave an impact on you for a while. But their story-lines being so awesome and far-fetched makes them contain certain parts that don't cater to my individual liking, but these rankings are really subjective, can very well be number 1.

    4) Eden of the East / Angel Beats - I watched both these animes when I was feeling down / bored on life. Both have a positive vibe, go out change the world type of feeling (especially the former). Both left me really happy and positive after finishing. Short series so can't rank them as being the best, but definitely worthy for a top list.

    5) Ghost Hunt - A random rare find I came across. I didn't think I would like it as much I as I did, but I really did enjoy it, and it remains a personal favorite.


    Lots of other contenders:

    Hunter x Hunter (cluster 1), Steins;gate (most likely cluster 5), Monster (would probably need it's own cluster), Detective Conan(possibly cluster 5), FMA / FMA B (own cluster probably), etc. At the moment, the cluster I chose is my favorite.

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  • Dask
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    8 years ago

    Code Geass


    Legend of the Galactic Heroes

    Clannad After Story

    FMA Brotherhood

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  • Eureka 7

    Cowboy Bebop

    Samurai Champloo


    Lupin III

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Death note

    Soul eater



    The law of ueki

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Just gonna keep it short 1. Cowboy Bebop.2. FMA Brotherhood3.Bleach4.Blood+5.Ikki Tousen lol its actually has a good story

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  • 8 years ago

    1.Haibane Renmei

    -By far my favorite, Haibane Renmei taught me a lot about myself, and who I want to be in life.

    2.Serial Experiments Lain

    -The artwork always amazed me, and the way the story unfolds is unique.

    3.Puella Magi Madoka Magica

    -My favorite Mahou Shoujo anime, the best deconstruction of the genre in my opinion.

    4.Kannazuki no Miko

    -I have a soft spot for yuri, and this making the top 5 is only proof of that.

    5.Ga Rei Zero

    -I love tragedies, and this is one of the saddest and most heart-wrenching I've ever seen.

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  • 8 years ago


    Naruto shippuden


    Kaichou wa maid sama

    Prince of tennis

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  • 8 years ago


    fairy tail

    katekyo hitman reborn

    kuroko no basket

    detective conan

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    The Guyver was allways my fave, the old one was good, but the new one they did was even better, i think they added bio boosted armour to the new one to show it was different

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