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What Are Some Good Vampire And or Werewolf Books?

Hello Everyone, I'm Looking For Vampire And Werewolf Books. It Can Contain Either Or Both, Although The Only Book I Read Like That Was "Intertwined" And I'm Actually Trying To See If Theres A Second Part To It. I'll Post A List Of Already Read Books.

So Remember My Question Is: What Are Some Good Vampire And or Werewolf Books?


Books I've Read: Thirst (All 4 Books), Blood Ninja (1 & 2 Working on 3), Intertwined (All 3), Maximum Ride (Up To Angel), The Chronicles Of Vladimir Tod (All), The Slayer Chronicles (Book 1: Working On It), Suck It Up, Moonlight (Dark Guardian: All 4), Vampire Academy (Up To Blood Promise), Alex Van Helsing (Up To Vampire Rising)

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    Nightworld series by L. J Smith has everything in it and I loved it. Also Vampire Diaries by L J Smith. Ummmm.... House of Night series by P C and Kristin Cast, Raised By wolves by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Claire de lune Christine Johnson, Vampire Kisses by Ellen Schreiber, Werecats series by Rachel Vincent (adult books but nothing too bad idk how old you are), MorganVille Vampires by rachel Caine, Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead, Nightshade by Andrea Cremer, and Sweep by Cate Tiernan (this is about witches but I still recommend it).

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    Check out Cassandra Clarke's novel series Clockwork Angel and Clockwork Prince, with the third book coming next month Clockwork Princess!

    Amazing book full of witchcraft and vampire and werewolf, great twists, and angels.. wow great story!

    *TEAM WILL!!!*

    Secondly, if not suggest go to you can see novels written by people, click the genre of book you want to read (werewolf or wharever) and read it! plenty of stories to read, over millions and its ALL free!

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    Twilight Saga Series!:-)

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    Rosario+Vampire. :)

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