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List action, fantasy, or sci fi animes girls would like?

I am trying to get into new animes and I like these types the best. Also I usually enjoy ones 50 episodes or less unless it is REALLY good and has a really good story. Please keep it to pg 13.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Well, I'm female and here are some I like. ^^

    (I will assume you've already seen Fruits Basket, Vampire Knight, etc.)

    Tsukikage Ran is an action/comedy series about a woman samurai and her dorky sidekick. Hilarious with fast, exciting, not too long, sword fights. PG-13

    Fantastic Children is sci-fi/fantasy with some action. A mysterious group of children has been sighted over and over for the last 500 years. A boy named Thoma, trying to help a girl escape from an orphanage, crosses their path. One of my favorites. PG-13

    Romeo X Juliet - While it's primarily a romance, it's also sci-fi with lots of action. PG

    Last Exile - Sci-fi, action. A couple of young pilots try to follow in their fathers' footsteps and are caught up in a major air war. PG-13

    Pretear - Sci-fi, comedy, action, romance. A magical girl anime where the main character must join the Leafe Knights to protect the world form demons and the Princess of Disaster. PG

    And I'll list a couple of PG-14 ones...slightly over your limit, I know, but I do like them.

    Rideback is action/sci-fi. A ballerina whose career ended due to an injury finds a new life as she learns to drive the mecha-motorcycles called Ridebacks. Without meaning to, she gets caught up in a revolution. PG-14

    Princess Tutu - Fantasy, comedy, romance. Duck is a ballet student who is actually...a duck. She is in love with the beautiful Prince Muto, and wants to find the missing pieces of his heart. She is given the power to transform into Princess Tutu to help the prince. PG-14

    Pumpkin Scissors - Action, with a little sci-fi and lots of comedy. Lieutenant Alice Malvin is a naive young aristocrat in charge of a unit whose mission is to bring war relief to an impoverished and angry population after the war. They have to fight soldiers turned outlaw, arrogant nobles, and corruption within the army itself. PG-14

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  • 8 years ago

    black butler and rosario + vampire tell dude if you like these series

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