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poem help!!!!Im sooo stumped!?

My poem is about the revonalutionary war/paul revere I need 10 lines and I only have 5....My poem ryming is an abab (and so on) pattern this is what I have so far....

The paul Revere story is very true.a

But have you heard about the other two?b

Prescol daws and paul Revere are now a crew.a

The british are coming the british are coming Revere definatly had spew.b

The crowds of the soldiers grew....a

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    Poems that rhyme but that don't observe any metrical scheme are usually called "doggerel," and that's not a complimentary name.

    Ogden Nash did this on purpose, but for humorous effect in his satirical poems.

    Free (non-metrical) verse is an important part of the world of poetry, but free-verse poets almost never rhyme; it just sounds silly.

    So either drop the rhyme and make this poem real free verse (in which case, pay closer attention to your line breaks; they don't need to occur at the end of a sentence, and in fact, making line and sentence the same thing makes the finished product sound clunky); or else do a metrical AND rhyming poem, in which case you need to choose a metrical scheme and stick to it.

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    You won't run out of rhymes as quickly if you don't end the lines with the same syllable.

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    You need to more careful of how you end lines.

    If you do that you may find it easier to come up with the rest of your assignment.

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