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What impacts did the Perry Mission have in Japan?

I know Perry's mission was to go to Japan to open it up, but i don't think i have it absolutely clear. Thank you for your help

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    Commodore Perry broke down barriers that separated Japan from the rest of the world.

    At age 60, Matthew Perry had a long and distinguished naval career. He knew that the mission to Japan would be his most significant accomplishment. He brought a letter from the President of the United States, Millard Fillmore, to the Emperor of Japan. He waited with his armed ships and refused to see any of the lesser dignitaries sent by the Japanese, insisting on dealing only with the highest emissaries of the Emperor.

    The Japanese government realized that their country was in no position to defend itself against a foreign power, and Japan could not retain its isolation policy without risking war. On March 31, 1854, after weeks of long and tiresome talks, Perry received what he had so dearly worked for--a treaty with Japan. The treaty provided for:

    1.Peace and friendship between the United States and Japan.

    2.Opening of two ports to American ships at Shimoda and Hakodate

    3.Help for any American ships wrecked on the Japanese coast and protection for shipwrecked persons

    4.Permission for American ships to buy supplies, coal, water, and other necessary provisions in Japanese ports.

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    Japan had long held on to a policy of isolation and they maintained this until 1853. In the 1800s the Western powers benefited from the Industrial Revolution and were able to use this to beat China gaining unequal treaties and sphere of influence. When Perry forced Japan opened many saw the same thing happening so popular opinion turned against the shogunate leading to the Boshin War which overthrew the Shogunate and the Meiji Restoration.

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