cocktail waitress shoes, hurting feet, help!?

I've been working as a Cocktail waitress at a fine dining place for a little over 2 months now. I have tried everything humanly possible to save my feet but I'm nearing the end of my rope. I've tried Clarks shoes with insoles and gel pads. I've tried gravity aerosol shoes with insoles and gel pads. Both heels are no more than 2.5 to 3 inches high. (our heels have to be at least 2 inches) I've bought/tried bunion gel cushions, heel cushions, gel arch supports, toe separators, and wrapping each individual toe in band aids before every shift to avoid corns. NOT WORKING. I still have corns, I'm beginning to get bunions, and I notice now that I am feeling the bunion or bone where it comes in feeling like its rotating in my shoe by the end of the night. It's extremely painful. I am also getting swollen ankles and what feels like a screw being entered into the front and bottom of my ankles. I switched to gravity aersol booties for more ankle support but not the solution. I don't want to quite my job because the money is really good but I don't know what to do. Please help. Any ideas?

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    You have muscle pain and have been trying to get rid of it by wearing something different on your feet. That's like having a tooth ache and buying a tooth guard expecting the pain to go away. When your feet are in pain you have to go to the source of the pain, the muscles causing the pains. You have to release the muscles under your feet to get the tightness to leave that is causing the majority of your pain and here's how to do that release:

    Foot Muscle:

    With your foot in your lap place your thumbs side by side at the back of the arch, right in front of the heel and press in hard and hold. After 30 seconds slowly raise your toes up as far as you can, release the pressure, but hold your toes up for another 30 seconds.

    For best results relax your body first by taking a deep breath and exhaling then remain this relaxed.

    You can also do it in the arch of your foot and in places around the bottom. The more you do the better it will feel but once you have a release you will find the majority of your relief.

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    Cocktail Waitress Shoes

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    Buy lower heels - 2". Go with the minimum. And make sure the toe of the shoe is not pointy, and that it has enough room for your forefoot. Do not buy shoes that are too tight. That will cause corns and bunions.

    Make sure the heel of the shoe is wide and stable. This heel is too high, but this type of chunky, wider heel could help: So an example in the Clarks would be this one:

    You could try to find nursing shoes that have a high enough heel, such as these:

    If you can get away with that type of style, you can also look at Danskos. If that style isn't "cute" enough, try these:

    You may want to see a podiatrist to get some orthotics.

    For the ankle swelling, you can wear compression hose. That may help.

    After work, try helping your feet and ankles - prop your feet up on pillows when you sit, to elevate them and help with the swelling. Do stretches for your feet and ankles, both after work and during your breaks. Soak your feet.

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    i to am going thru this. im going to try the dansko

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