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If a mouse lives in a cookie jar, does that make it a cookie?

If the very wealthy people running Fed member banks, media empires, etc, CALL themselves Jews, does that make them Jews?

If they eat pepperoni pizzas and octopus sushi, are they observant as Jews?

If their mom or mom's mom or dad's mom is GENTILE, are they ethnically Jewish?

This question is to those who slam *Jews* for messing up the world. Okay, I'll give you this, there's some kind of power group out there wearing beanies, pretending to be Jewish. They ARE NOT!

And by leveling rage at *Jews*, you bypass the FakeJews and fire hatred at REAL Jews who are NOT rich, ARE observant, ARE racially and ethnically Jewish and are the kindest, sweetest people this gentile has ever met!!!!

I wouldn't join Ben Bernanke at the Wailing Wall unless my mortal soul depended on it (and I'd have to get confirmation, at that). But for real Jews, I'd pray there, Christian & Jew, side by side, I have and will stand with them in city meetings and student meetings, I'd fight with their sons in battle and trust them with my life, I would and have trusted Jews with my deepest fears and secrets.

Let's find a different word other than Jew, could we? Please?




@pyrite ponderer: ROFLMAO!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

I'll take FOJU!!!


Update 2:


@Richard: So, you're saying it isn't a matriarchal society? That the child of a gentile mother is still considered Jewish under rabbinical law? That observance, whether practiced "on the sleeve" or discreetly, is irrelevant to the faith?

I'm eager to know where all my Jewish friends have missed the boat. Please explain.

Thank you.


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    A Jew is a Jew by:

    1. Conversion

    2. Born to a mother is Jewish

    You can be a Jew and not be observant (yet). You can be observant and not be Jewish (silly, but it happens). However, who is or is not a Jew is ONLY determined by Jewish Law. As a Jew, I cannot declare that someone who fits the legal definition of a Jew is not a Jew. The problem is, many Jews are not aware of who they really are and what they really need to be. Here is a story to illustrate.

    There once was a poor, uneducated man who hired himself out as a porter (one who carries things). One day, while delivering a heavy package to the home of a wealthy customer, he noticed the customer sitting down to a delicious lunch of an egg and cheese omelet, deep fried in butter. The porter smelled the aroma, and his mouth watered.

    He hurried home, and told his wife, "Those rich people sure know how to live!" Then he told her what he saw.

    "If you want an omelet, then you will get an omelet", she replied. However, since fresh eggs were a luxury beyond their resources, she took some flower and water, and made a loose batter. Since butter was impossible, she took some oil that had already been recycled several times. Since cheese was nothing more than a dream, she put in mashed potatoes instead. In a few moments, she placed the "omelet" before her husband. He eagerly took one bite, made a horrible face, and spit it out on his plate.

    "Ugh!", he exclaimed. "Those rich people are so wrong to eat such horrible food. It's disgusting!"

    In case you missed it, you cannot substitute false ingredients if you want the real thing. Taking substitutes (your suppositions) for truth will leave a bitter taste in your mouth. If you really want to see The Creators love, then you have to have the truth that provides it. I think if you seek that truth, you will really like what you find. It is quite delicious, and unlike the Omelet, cholesterol free!

    Source(s): Story from Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski, MD
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    I am assuming this is a legitimate question, and it is not a rhetorical troll question.

    "Judaism" is a religion. It is not a race, ethnicity, or anything else. Some people would also say that it is a way of life, as many people from many religions say they are.

    "Jews" are those who practice the religion and/or come from a Jewish family or background. They may, or may not, be religious. They may, or may not, be offensive.

    As far as the rich Jews are concerned, it is not anti-Semitic to maintain that a lot of Jews are rich: this is a statistical fact. American Jews have the second highest average income of all religious groups.

    Keep in mind that some people do not practice their religions on their sleeves. They keep their religious beliefs private, and never try to convince others that they are superior.

    So, I don't think there should be a specific term for a rich, non-observant, materialistic Jew. There are plenty of offensive ones already out there.

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    Congratulations, soMEone. You probably just caused more heads to simultaneously implode than at any time in history. Probably because you're right.

    I second the motion to thank Hippies. Those people use observant Jews as human shields and to protect their own vile activities.

  • Anonymous
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    I sincerely thank you for saying all that. Do you know why the powerful people claim to be Jews? If anybody dislikes them, they cry antisemitism and it goes away. They're the first to whine when anybody complains about something they did. And they always hide behind the persecuted-Jew claim. They sicken me.

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  • Anonymous
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    This kind of analogy does not click with the stupid. They are artistically illiterate and so stupid and helpless that all they know is how to fear that a certain politician is going to come and hurt them. Good luck though.

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    Wow! I don't know any Jews personally but I'm convinced, now. And thanks to Loop 12 Hippies for clarifying that. It makes perfect sense.

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    If a Marxist douche bag lives in the White House, does that make him President?

  • Anonymous
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    Who would actually put cookies in a cookie jar that had a mouse living in it?

  • 8 years ago

    Lay off the speed.

  • Anonymous
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    If you keep eating cookies will you turn into one?

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