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About Pakistan Cricket Team?

Can anybody tel me when is pakistan going to play their next series and againest which team?

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    Pakistan delayed their Zimbabwe tour scheduled in December as they r visiting India for 3 ODIs & 2 T20s.This series is set To take place in midst of the England tour of India.The schedule of the tournament is not announced as yet as BCCI r having some revenue issues with PCB.But it will be started from the last week of December after the test series & T20s b/w england & india.This tournament is considered to be re-establishing the cricketing relationships b/w the two countries after Pakistan last visited India in 2008,although they played the semi-finals in Mohali.Pakistan will also tour south Africa during February for 3 tests,5 ODIs & 2 T20s.

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    Pakistan up coming series is with South Africa, India and the latest updates is that Bangladesh also coming Pakistan for ODI and T20 in December.

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    The defeats of India against Bangladesh and Pakistan against eire have as quickly as lower back proved that cricket is a sport of uncertainties and that no group can survive their previous glory or power interior the paper. whilst Pakistan is out of worldwide Cup, India nonetheless have a raffle for survival in the event that they have the skill to win the two the the rest video games. I strongly sense that the marvel defeat on the arms of Bangladesh would be a awaken call for India and that they're going to come out of their complacency and over beneficial and combat lower back to stay interior the international cup by skill of triumphing the two the the rest video games.

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