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Should i trade aj green dez bryant and d jackson for jamal charles and julio jones?

My line up is cutler McFadden cj2k Calvin Johnson an green and dez Bryant

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    First off.. forget the answers above. Even though AJ Green is arguably the best receiver to date, that will all change going forward. He was #1 until last week's poor performance. He's now #3 respectively. Also last week, Pittsburgh showed how to neutralize Cin's high powered passing attack. Double coverage on AJ all day. He was only able to make 1 catch, but at least he made it count for a TD. That said, Andy Dalton won't be putting up numbers like he did the first half of the season. Defenses should now be aware of how to neutralize this offense. Charles is a top 5 RB, and should continue to be going forward. CJ2k has been on fire lately, but we are still not convinced. So Charles will significantly boost your RB corp. Julio is a solid replacement. Where julio "might" lack in what Green did, Charles will easily cover that. I say DO IT!

    On a side note... I would throw away your QB! Get a better one.

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    I agree with D. Keep AJ Green out of the trade and counter offer. D jackson and Bryant for either J Jones or J Charles maybe.

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    That is a VERY simple NO. Why would you trade the BEST receiver and two decent receivers for a good runningback and one decent receiver? Keep the trade and tell the other guy to shove it.

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