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Would you mind finishing the fantasy season in a league with space with this roster on NFL.com :?

Qbs: Matt Ryan RG3 Rbs, AP Shady McCoy Donald Brown Rashad Jennings Willis McGahee Michael Bush , Wrs: Steve Smith Eric Decker Miles Austin Greg Little Jeremy Maclin Lance Moore, TEs: Gronk K, Robbie Gould, Def, Steelers. Or Qbs: Romo Carson Palmer, Rbs: Arian Foster Darren Sproles Evan Royster Kevin Smith Johnathan Stewart, Wrs; Roddy White Greg Jennings Brandon Marshall, Kenny Britt Denarius Moore, TEs: Jared Cook Aaron Hernandez K: David Akers, Def: Ravens, Seahawks Or Qbs: Cam Newton Matt Schuab, Rbs: Ray Rice MJD Marshawn Lynch Mark Ingram Isaac Redman Stevan Ridley, Wrs: Brandon Lloyd Demaryius Thomas Darrius Heyward-Bey Titus Young, TEs: Jermichael Finley Coby Fleener K Mason Crosby Kaeding, Def: Pack. PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND UNLESS U INTENED TO FILL ONE OF THESES VACANT TEAMS THIS IS ON NFL.COM. leave e-mail to send you the invite

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    Sorry.. To much on my plate... Good luck....

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Sure. I'm in a few leagues on NFL.com anyhow. Send me an invite via my profile or through cfrefrfrwvf@yahoo.com

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