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Is worshiping the Kaaba & Black Stone, paganism, and idolizing a Rock god?

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Most Mohammedans have never told or are ignorant of the following facts,

as recorded by their own traditions, that the holiest Rock of the Kaaba

has ALWAYS been and STILL is the Black Stone.

The Black Stone (a meteorite) was venerated by pagan Arabs centuries

before Mohammed Islamized it by wrapping it up with new and totally

concocted historical and theological background that he plagiarized,

plundered, pirated and perverted from the Bible.

It's inconceivable and utterly illogical for the pagan Arabs not to

have other representation of their supreme Rock god ...

The Black Stone represented the spiritual home of the supreme Rock

god of the pagan Arabs...

Mohammed, according to Hadith, venerated (kissed) the Black Stone

and he had no choice but to keep it.

Mohammed visited the Kaaba most of his adult life, long before and

long after he declared his prophethood.

Mohammed was seen venerating the Balck Stone by kissing it, an act

of pagan worship during the pre-Islamic period.

The Holy Bible has no mention of Abraham kissing it, nor Moses, nor Jesus.

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All nice deflections, but the issue is not whether it's a meteorite (it's a freaking piece of

STONE/ROCK) or what others (Catholics or Jews) do

The Q is about the continuation of an old PAGAN pre-Islamic ritual, into modern day

Islam. Is Islam clean from pagan "impurities"? or where the pagan's ritual of venerating

a Stone/Rock god, the "right" way of worship? To this date do Mohammedans worship

a stone cold Rock god?

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    a pagan by definion is someone who worships false idols. worshipping an object rather than a prophet would make you a pagan.

  • hocker
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    No they don't. Kaaba is just a symbolic landmark (for the reason that the first human, prophet Adam and even fathers of prophet, prophet Abraham) whic act as centre for worship purposes. The most important rationale for that is to preclude to many worship course for muslim. If some say muslim worship kaaba, listed below are 2 good cause why muslim dont: 1. Lets say if some helicopters lift the kaaba to a couple region (for illustration near the Eifel Tower, France) the worship path stays at the normal position the place kaaba is centered. (to not France) 2. Its often rude to step on any worship objects (corresponding to, i am sorry: any temple's Gods statue or Jesus Christ snapshot) however not to kaaba. The action of changing the kaaba curtain (qiswah) as soon as a 12 months for the period of eid adha (pilgrimage season) is completed manually utilizing hand. For that reason require people to face on the kaaba roof which is one other proof, muslim don't worship kaaba concerning the black stone, according to islamic history, it was once genuinely a vivid white stone fell from heaven to earth to show Adam and Eve the place they will have to build the kaaba. This stone then turn black by means of out time..

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    Kaaba Rock

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    Muslims do not worship kaaba. They worship allah. Kaaba is the qiblah.if you do some more research u will find there is nothing inside kaaba. Its just an empty room. Wich indicates tht muslims worship only allah. Kaaba is the qiblah where all muslims do sijdah. The black stone has been there since the time of abraham.

    Before coming to any conclusion do a good research so the truth remains the truth. Merely watching a video on youtube wudnt help you. There are plenty of people working against muslims and islam. Who manupulate the facts and present it to the world, doing this they are indirectly harming themselves by refraining them from the true religion.

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  • Anonymous
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    And why exactly is it our fault that the pagans took our stuff and started worshipping it? It's not. Both the Kaaba and the black stone date back to the time of Adam and Eve (peace be upon them), long before any pagans started their perverted practices.

    And kissing something does not mean worship of it. When Jeff Gordan kisses the racetrack, that does not means he worships it. When I kiss my Qur'an, that does not mean I worship it. When you kiss your wife, that does not mean you worship her. Your faulty logic can be proven by an infinite number of examples.

    The fact of the matter is that there is history and significance behind both the kaaba and stone. But even if they were destroyed today, our worship of Allah (swt) alone would continue (as it always has). Islam is strictly monotheistic. Learn a thing or two.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    You simply have no idea do you? You base your story on someting from youtube, thats a credible site to get your knowledge isn't it.

    Which Hadith was it that stated Muhammad kissed the meteorite?

    As for pirating stuff from the bible, the Quran is considered a continuation of the bible, another chapter in the Umm al Kitab, the mother of books

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    The right way to worship is highly personal. That's why I believe there are so many religions. That, and the amount of cultures in the world.

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    If you had done your research, you would know that the plenty of geologists question whether the black stone is a meteorite.

    Muslims will claim they do not worship the stone, but it is venerated.

    How is that different from a catholic saying they do not worship the vigin mary but she is venerated?

  • Ivan
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    Well, Muhammad's grandfather is the keeper of Kaaba.

    That is why he changed the kiblat from Jerusalem to Kaaba : to make more money.

    Pure profit for his family.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    hold that thought;

    what you are saying is allah is the rock god ?

    WOW !

    that means I have been muslim since 1955.

    that was the year I went to my first rock concert.

    that makes little richard a prophet of the rock god !


    asalamalakum world.

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