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1996 chevy cavalier 82000 miles for 3000 v4 4 door or 1999 dodge dakota sport 109000 miles for 4000 v6 2 door?

I'm 17 and getting one of these cars match them and tell me which one is the best?

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  • devita
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    4 years ago

    Naturally the Dakota will cost you extra to possess, but you come to a decision what your priorities are. ~2000 Cavaliers at round one hundred twenty five-150k miles list for $2000 around here. That 96 is low miles, maybe it can be worth it if the specific situation is as just right because the miles, but i haven't looked at pricing on these in that year and mileage range. All 96 Cavaliers are 4 cylinders, but it could be either a 2.2L pushrod economy engine, or a 2.4L DOHC. The latter is more pricey, complicated, and robust, however less dependable. I might handiest do not forget it if the automobile has a quality historical past and you're totally definite it hasn't been neglected. If it wishes to overheat, that's a bad signal so undoubtedly stay away from it. Men and women smash these engines more simply than the 2.2L they usually're also extra steeply-priced and difficult to work on. The 2.2L is the simpler alternative if you simply want a cost-effective vehicle. No longer certain about that $three,000 rate though. Anything you buy, depart as a minimum $500, ideally more like $a thousand within the bank to quilt viable repairs and specific maintenance. Used cars invariably end up wanting some work. At minimal, a full upkeep going-over is mandatory, however you'll additionally to find anything that wants to be fixed.

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  • 7 years ago

    I believe he means:

    - 1996 chevy cavalier, 82,000 miles, 4-cylinder, 4 door for cost of $3,000


    - 1999 dodge dakota sport, 109000 miles, v6, 2 door for $4,000

    I would try and get the dakota because it will be the best bang for your buck and you may be even to talk down the price.

    and on a side note V4 cars did exist briefly but obviously he means 4 cylinder not V4.

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  • PMack
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    7 years ago

    "3000 V4 4 door"

    What is that supposed to be?

    3000 is almost a thousand years away.

    No cars or pickups are currently sold with V4 engines.

    No make/model listed.

    EDIT - haha Zach's probably right, I thought maybe he was asking about a Mitsubishi 3000 GT VR4 and just butchered it. An apples and oranges comparison here, but both of these seem too expensive given their age - I would not pay 3K for a 17 year old Cavalier low miles or not, I highly doubt book value is anywhere near that number, and the Dakota doesn't have enough info, 2WD or 4?

    just go to and get the values, do the research.

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  • 7 years ago

    Well, do you want a truck or a car? They are two entirely different vehicles other than both being American made. $3K price tag on the Cav seems a little high for a '96 year unless it has been very well maintained and is immaculate and/or is a z-24 model. Otherwise, I wouldn't pay 3K for it.

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