how can I make $30,000 a year in the Cincinnati area ?

I have alot of blur collar experience, some college, but no degree. All I want is to make around $15 an hour with benifits.

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    7 years ago
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    Manufacturing jobs used to be where the money is, but almost every major plant in Cincinnati (and everywhere else in the U.S., for that matter) are replacing regular workers with temporary workers. Not to mention the astounding number of plants that cut back on production or shut down. I live in Lexington, Kentucky and can remember putting in applications at Procotr and Gamble. the Sharonville Ford plant, and Gallatin Steel in Warsaw, Kentucky (about 40 miles from Cincinnati). I even got a phone call from the GE aircraft plant in Lockland about a job opening as a test technicain, but nothing ever came of it. I would frankly forget those kinds of jobs. They are way too risky. Factories are notorious for announcing plans on expansion and then going out of business a year later. That happened to my half-sister who worked in New Jersey just outside of New York City at an office furniture plant. They told everyone they were expanding operations and closed up notr long afterward.

    I would consider getting a job in the service industries or retail. They're not apt to go out of business anytime soon. In fact, my niece lives in Lexington, but lived in Covington with her husband about four years back. He worked for Fed-Ex (and still does). His job was white-collar, but what many people do is go to such a work environment at the ground level and work their way up. The fact that you have some college will work in your favor. because a lot of people who have good-paying jobs who never finished college. If it is possible, look into getting some practical training at a community college or some for-profit school in areas where a computer is used, such as computer-aided drafting or graphic design. You need not get a degree in this. Just enough training to get yourslef a better job Frankly, you might try applying at places like Kroger at their headquarters (not one of the stores) and see what's available. Being an "outstanding" temporary worker in a retail store during the Christmas season can often lead to permanent hiring after the holidays. Other employers to consider: Kahn's Meats, U.S. Playing Card Company, Starkist, Kings Island, University of Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky University, etc... Another option, going back to getting training, would be something in health care.

    Good luck

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    3 years ago

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  • 7 years ago

    You're from Ohio! Are you registered to vote?

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