Is Jesse Ventura a former Navy SEAL? And did he served in Vietnam War?

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    Jesse Ventura was in the UDT, Underwater Demolition Teams, and they were later absorbed into the SEALs. He did not serve in Vietnam.

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    Like him or hate him, yes, Jesse Ventura, AKA "Jim Janos" did graduate from BUD/S and was assigned to a UDT Team.

    Back in his day, BUD/S graduates were assigned to either a UDT Team or a SEAL Team. It wasn't something they had a say in, and it wasn't something based on performance. You were assigned to either team based on the needs of the Navy.

    Jesse Ventura was involved in an operation on the Mekong river in Vietnam. It wasn't anything too elaborate, but he was there...

    Today, all UDT Frogmen are known as Navy SEALs. Ventura was on UDT 12, and finished his time in the Navy at SEAL Team One Reserve.

    So to answer your questions... Is Jesse Ventura a former Navy SEAL? Yes. Did Jesse Ventura serve in Vietnam? Yes.

    Anyone who says otherwise doesn't understand the way UDT and SEAL Team work.

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  • Anonymous
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    Ventura was not a Navy SEAL, was never in combat, never in Vietanm and got the Vietnam Service Medal for being a storekeeper on a ship that sailed close to the Vietnam coast. I wrote the book on Jesse Ventura and it's all facts. "Always Cheat" The Philosophy of Jesse Ventura by Leslie Davis.

    Call me and I'll send you a comp. copy.


    Source(s): I ran for Governor of Minnesota several times.
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  • bill
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    He was a Seal yes. He says he never went to Vietnam. However during the Vietnam War he did something in the Philippines which he earned the Vietnam Service Medal (its a medal which was awarded to troops who contributed to the Vietnam effort, but did not have to specifically be in Vietnam, it could be an operation in another country or even continent that contributed to the effort).

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    He was in the UDT, a group that preceded the Navy SEALS, and yes he was

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