Can Mitt Romney be WAR PRESIDENT?

After debate last night there is no doubt Mitt Romney wanna be War President, but he is smart enough to just say I will build more fire work for two trillion dollars. My question is can he be war president because left corner of his mouth he said we won't have good economy if American still have war (he admitted war is not good for economy), but on his right corner mouth he will build more arsenal for the war. Aren't we have enough deterrent fire cracker to chase away Chinese immigrant? If he is going to started the war Iran will be his first choice? I hope not.


rd1982rd is right in fact Republican Presidents want to be war president, Reagan excursion in Panama and secretly support Iraq against Iran (also sold arms to Iran). Both Bushes had same Iraq War. I bet you Romney will go to Iran to finish off Axis of Evil. Two trillion dollars worth of arms in hand if he didn't do anything how would his friend in the arms forces industries will be able to spend money.

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    MITT ROMNEY WILL HELP TOP 3 % rich, who donated ($25K per person) on his Private meetings

    NO BENEFIT TO anybody else

    TRUE Just like sales man "Cat in a bag"

    47% OF PEOPLE Mitt Romney who HE DOES NOT CARE for, Who wants that kind of President? Remember the undercover Recorded Video Romney's WORDS!

    vote vote vote FOR OBAMA

    "Mitt Romney is a Cat in a Bag," just like his problem solving, and presidential goals are !! He will not tell the public about his real true political plans until he becomes a president


    Mitt Romney Mormon

    Mitt Romney is A flip-floppier changes his mind too often Can not trust him!

    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has effectively full control of the government of the State of Utah and of several cities and towns.

    And if you were to read the publications of that church, you would find they believe they should have control of all government too. Other churches also have similar publications and beliefs.

    However, as various churches have problems getting along with each other, the seperation of church and state means no church should have enough power they control any government to the exclusion of other churches - or the rest of the citizens of the United States.


    Another way to interpret this is that Mitt wants the federal government to "outsource" some of its responsibilities to churches, along with a big helping of money.

    He Flip-flops every day.

    Conservatives, which of the 268,435,456 Romneys will you be voting for?

    He's a successful businessman that knows how to run a business ONLY BY FIRING PEOPLE, He saves business large company BUT let go at least 50% of their workers,

    THAT causes people Not be able to afford pay their homes, THen too many homes forclosures, and then Houses loss their values,

    He is 1% the benefited THE REST 99% DON't benefit!! - he'should NOT work in WASHINGTON DC!

    If you care about family and don't want family members to be send to WAR like Republican Presidents did

    George Bush first Iraq war

    George W. Bush during both of his 4 year term had wars started, Afghanistan War, and Iraq War. Iraq was NOT involved in 9/11 BUT SO MANY Americans were killed in Iraq

    NO war was started During first Obama 4 years and NO Solders Killed during War within Bill Clinton Years!

    SO IF YOU WANT TRILLIONS of $ spend on WARs VOTE MITT ROMNEY If YOU Don't want TAX $$$ SPend on any pointless WARS VOTE FOR OBAMA


    WOMEN should be able to get abortion , imagine if a woman was sexually abused, IF Abortion is illegal like Mitt Romney wants it, THE abused women will have to go through 9 months of pregnancy, Hard time giving birth, and Every time these women look in the child face the child will look similar and remind them of the Sexual abuser , and THESE women will Never love their

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    He protested in favor of the Vietnam War, then avoided serving. A coward like that has no problem le tting others die in pointless wars.

    From what I've read none of the Romneys have served in the military in over 150 years.

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    NO!!!!!!! That is an unfair potshot @ his LDS ideals. Their sacred undergarments are simply that to them. They do not even speak approximately them, so why do you? His being a Mormon won't impact his presidency. Just like having a Catholic president in occasions beyond. It simply may not subject! But he may not win so it isn't important.

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    He sure acts like it. WE don't need him .

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