What do you know about games?

What should they be like?

How long should they be?

What of a character would you like to play?

Which is a better attack melee, gun, or punch attacks?

Do you like TPS or FPS a 2D game?


You can add stuff if you like...

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  • 7 years ago
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    Well this is a very open-ended question!

    A game can be whatever the designer wants it to be like. To be successful though what is most important is if the game is fun - i.e. its gameplay. Graphics, audio, plot and replay value are important but come secondary to fun gameplay (which is what makes a game addictive).

    The length of a game depends on the genre. It can range from a few minutes or a 100+ hours (like Skyrim). Depends on the target audience. Casual gamers prefer short, simple games whereas hardcore gamers prefer something that they can sink their teeth into.

    When I play games that give you an opportunity to choose your character stats, I usually pick one based on myself (or as close as possible). I like to see how my moral choices work in the virtual world (e.g. Mass Effect/Dragon Age).

    Some games don't even have weapons (e.g. SimCity for example) so the choice of weapons question isn't always applicable. I PREFER to use guns in games mainly because I'd probably do the same in real life - I don't think I could rely on my strength. Martial arts would come a close second though.

    I prefer FPS over TPS. I prefer 2D graphics when it comes to point 'n' click adventures - but again this question depends on genre.

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