I've lost all of my Yahoo notes?

The notes are still listed, but contents are blank.

Any ideas?

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  • Luke
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    8 years ago
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    If you're having trouble finding a note, you'll need to ensure that you open your Notepad folders to see the notes that they contain. You can also do a search to locate a note.

    How to open and close note folders:

    1.In the left column, click a folder arrow to open a note folder. The notes in the folder will display in the order in which they were created.

    ◦For example: the note that was created first will display at the top of the folder, and the newest at the bottom.

    2.Click a folder arrow again to close it.

    How to search for a note using the Find Note box in the Notepad toolbar:

    1.Type the note title or other search words in the Find Note box.

    2.Press Enter on your keyboard. The search results display in the "Results" area at the right.

    3.Click the note title to see a note.

    If you can't find a note and you think there may have been an error in Notepad that has lost your note information, you can contact us to request a Notepad restoration. To request a restoration, click Contact Yahoo! on this page.

    After looking into your account, I have been unable to replicate this issue on my end. This type of issue may be caused by a conflict between your current browser and your Yahoo! Mail account. Using a different browser should allow you to resolve this issue. A list of our supported browsers can be found here:


    If you wish to continue using your current browser, the link below should provide some helpful troubleshooting steps.

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