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SSD or Hard Drive Confusion?

I am not exactly sure what an SSD is, but I am getting the idea it is a fast hard drive with low amount of storage. Does this mean I could get this as my primary and have an external 1Tb Drive?

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    An SSD is a mass storage device that works very much like a hard drive, except it uses a large bank of memory chips to store data instead of spinning magnetic platters like a traditional hard drive uses.

    Since an SSD has no moving parts to slow it down, they tend to transfer data lightning-fast. But, flash memory is more expensive than magnetic media, so SSDs tend to be really pricey (although their prices have been greatly improving over the past year thanks to the destruction of an important hard drive plant in Thailand).

    The idea you propose - having a small SSD as your primary drive (with your OS and favorite programs) and having a large traditional hard drive to store your files and other non-speed-dependant data, is a very common technique to use. If you have a desktop you can even install both drives internally so you don't need an external cluttering up your desk.

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    Yes you can! you should aim to get a 120GB SSD or higher I recommend a 240GB SSD and then you can install all of your programs and your OS on there and then you can have a lot more responsive system. You can then use the 1TB Drive for storage and set all of your libraries like Music, Videos, Docs and Pics to be on the storage drive instead of cluttering up your SSD.

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    SSD (Solid State Drive) is a revolutionary new storage method that contains no moving parts. Its storage is chip based.


    1. Ultra fast. Average PC boot would take 11 sec.

    2. Silent.(Since no moving parts)


    1. Ultra expensive.

    2. Large storage ( >128GB) are rare and not shipped due to lack of customers. It would take a fortune to buy a 500 GB SSD.

    In my opinion, unless you're too fussy about loading and booting times, just go for a conventional HDD. One at 6 GB/s @ 7200 rpm is fine.

    Check these out: (set filters to your choice)

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