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What are some good old school rappers?

I just wanna know because I got a 6 hour car ride soon

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    Here is my top 10. Some of it is old school, some not, but they are all great and I will give some other greats as well as their best albums.

    Raekwon-Only built 4 cuban linx. My favorite solo album from a wu-tang rapper.

    The Roots-Undun. It isnt their best album (they are all really good though), but it is a concept album where every line tells a story. It should give you something to do. If you want a different one, then listen to "Things Fall Apart".

    Deltron 3030-Deltron 3030. Their only album, it talks about how corporations and advertising are taking over the world.

    Black Star-Mos Def & Talib Kweli Are Black Star. Very high quality shlt here.

    Naughty By Nature-Anthem Inc. I think it is some sort of greatest hits album, but it has all of their best tracks.

    Cunninlynguists-A piece of Strange, a good album.

    Mobb Deep- The Infamous. One of my all time favorites. The entire album is fantastic.

    Wu-Tang Clan-Enter the Wu-Tang:36 chambers. A great album. It spawned Raekwon's classic as well.

    GZA-Liquid Swords. Another great wu-tang spin off

    B.I.G-ready to die, Life after death. 2 great albums.

    Nas-Illmatic. A really good album, but it only has 10 songs.

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    3. nas

    4.Big L

    5. MF doom

    6.mos def


    8. big daddy kane

    9. wu tang clan ( it's a group )

    10.N.W.A ( group)

    my top 10 old school

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    Krs one!!!! The blast master

    Then eazy e, ice cube, kool Keith

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    7 years ago

    I don't know about old school , but Drake is coool ;)

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    DMX maybe?

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